What is goal in easy language?

A goal is an objective or target that someone is trying to reach or achieve. Goal is also the end point of a race or something that a player is trying to put an object into as part of a game. Goal has other senses as a noun. A goal is an aim or objective that you work toward with effort and determination.

What is the meaning of goal in Gujarati?

Definition in Gujarati: અંત તરીકે નિયુક્ત સ્થળ (જાતિ અથવા પ્રવાસની જેમ)

What is the synonym of goal?

Some common synonyms of goal are aim, design, end, intention, intent, objective, object, and purpose. While all these words mean “what one intends to accomplish or attain,” goal suggests something attained only by prolonged effort and hardship.

What is the full form of goal?

GOAL. Group Oriented Achievement And Learning.

What do we say jaggery in Gujarati?

How to say Jaggery in Gujarati?…Jaggery in Gujarati.

English Gujarati
Jaggery ગોળ

What is the meaning of professional in Gujarati?

an authority qualified to teach apprentices. Synonyms : master. a person engaged in one of the learned professions.

What is the opposite of goal?

Opposite of an end goal or ambition. purposelessness. aimlessness. directionlessness. irresolution.

What is the meaning of goals in life?

Life goals are defined as the desired states that people seek to obtain, maintain or avoid (Nair, 2003). When we set goals, we envision, plan for, and commit to achieving these desired results.

What do we call sugar in Gujarati?

English to Gujarati Meaning :: sugar. Sugar : ખાંડ

What is meaning of majuri in English?

nf. labour variable noun. Labour is very hard work. The prison was built by the labour of prisoners in the 1920s., The chef looked up from his labours. /majaduri, majadUrI, majadooree, majadūrī, mjaduri, mjadUrI, mjadooree, mjadūrī, majduri, majdUrI, majdooree, majdūrī, mjduri, mjdUrI, mjdooree, mjdūrī/

Is goal a plan?

A goal is an objective that you’re working toward, or a result you seek. Plans, on the other hand, are the specific daily or weekly efforts you’re going to take to get there.

What do you mean by castor sugar?

chiefly British. : finely granulated white sugar.

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