What is environmental protection essay?

Essay on Environmental Protection Environmental protection is a practice that aims to protect the natural environment from the hands of individuals, organizations, and governments. It is the need of the hour because the Earth’s environment is deteriorating every day, and the reasons are human beings.

What is the importance of environmental protection essay?

Due to pollution and deforestation, the health of many people is poor. Conserving the Environment would certainly improve the health of people. Most noteworthy, saving Environment would reduce many diseases. Saving Environment would certainly protect the animals.

What is importance of environmental protection?

environmental protection saves lives World hunger, global warming, increasing natural disasters, polluted air, water and soil, pesticide use in the fields, Species extinction, crop failures – we must not believe that we, as the only living beings on a sick planet, remain healthy. In nature, everything is interrelated.

How can we protect our environment by 20 lines?


  1. Save water.
  2. Save electricity.
  3. Using reusable bags.
  4. Avoid taking cars as much as possible.
  5. Growing more trees and plants.
  6. Reducing pollution.
  7. Saving natural resources.

How can we protect our environment in 10 sentences?

Why do we need to protect our environment essay?

Over Population: Many parts of our planet are being over populated by human population.

  • Pollution: Increased population leads to increased waste to make the supplies reach the required rate.
  • Global Warming: The major cause for this is the increased level of CO 2,and that is because of the increased rate of burning of fossil fuels.
  • How to protect the environment essay example?

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  • What does it mean to securitise the environment essay?

    to securitize the environment are described as having a transforming potential, requiring and calling an essay on Austin’s speech act theory, recognizes in Austin the The Meaning of

    What is the importance of protecting environment?

    The Maine Department of Environmental Protection will continue its investigation into more about how PFAS move in the soil and groundwater,” said Madore. “This is important as it can help us ensure that all Maine residents have safe water to

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