What is a femtocell device?

A femtocell is, basically, a miniature cell phone tower that anyone can use to boost their wireless signal in their home. Most of the major U.S. wireless carriers sell femtocells, as do other retailers, and they can typically be purchased for $150 to $250.

What is picocell and femtocell?

Wireless cells can be categorized as macrocells, microcells, picocells and femtocells, with decreasing cell radii and decreasing Tx power levels. The femtocell is the smallest, and the picocell is the second- smallest. Table 1 shows typical cell radii and Tx power levels for each cell type.

Where is femtocell used?

In telecommunications, a femtocell is a small, low-power cellular base station, typically designed for use in a home or small business. A broader term which is more widespread in the industry is small cell, with femtocell as a subset.

What are femtocell extenders?

Marketed as “Wireless Network Extenders”, the femtocell Verizon offers can use your existing high-speed broadband connection to connect to their wireless network. Unlike the local wireless network of Wi-Fi routers, femtocells use this connection so you create your own local cellular network.

What is the difference between microcell and femtocell?

A femtocell is the most common of the three, and also the smallest—microcells are the largest. Small cell is the umbrella term, but femtocell is the most widely used (and commercially available, though a variety of terms have been in use: metrocells, metro femtocells, super femtos, Class 3 femto, greater femtos, and microcells.

Can I use a femtocell with T-Mobile?

Lastly, femtocells are carrier-specific. If you have the AT microcell and your family uses T-Mobile, they will not be able to benefit from the improved cellular signal. Where can I Get a Femtocell? Most femtocells are provided by your cellular carrier.

What is a femtocell modem?

Early residential femtocell products look very much like WiFi broadband modems, needing only two cables – one for power and one internet connection. In the past, several vendors such as Thomson, Netgear, Pirelli, Cisco and others integrated the femtocell with other features such as DSL modem, WiFi and even IPTV into a single box.

How do I get a femtocell?

Most femtocells are provided by your cellular carrier. To get one, you might need to go through a qualification process to make sure the device will work in your area. Check out the different femtocells provided by major cell phone carriers:

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