What is a Behringer c2 good for?

BEHRINGER STUDIO CONDENSER MICROPHONES C-2 Our C-2 microphones are built to capture the performance of a choir, piano or any other vocal or acoustic sound source to provide a beautiful true-to-life sound. Sold in perfectly matched pairs, these condenser mics are outstanding in both live and studio applications.

Is Behringer c1 good for singing?

Very good for the price. In my opinion this mic does well for a budget home studio or a first microphone. I use it primarily on vocals and acoustic guitar. I have used it to record a minimal drum setup also with this mic out front and 1 or 2 overheads.

Is Behringer B2 Pro good for vocals?

The B2 Pro is a good-value entry-level capacitor mic with a choice of three patterns, and it is capable of making high-quality vocal and instrument recordings.

Is Behringer c2 good?

Quality mics can’t be beat for studio work and that’s when it’s so critical to spend some cash for some good quality microphones. These Behringer C-2 mics are such a great bang for your buck item. Perfect for overhead or drum mic’ing, or flying over choirs or crowds.

How much is Behringer b2 Pro?

Compare with similar items

This item Behringer B-2 PRO Professional Gold-Sputtered Large Dual-Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone
Customer Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars (180)
Price $12900
Shipping FREE Shipping. Details
Sold By Amazon.com

Does a hybrid c1 need phantom power?

Power requirements: 48V phantom power supply.

Are condenser mics good for vocals?

Condenser microphones are best used to capture vocals and high frequencies. They are also the preferred type of microphone for most studio applications. Also known as capacitor microphones, condenser mics are mainly used in studios because of their detail and accuracy.

Is there an alternative to the Behringer C-2?

It’s a bit more expensive, too, and you only get one mic instead of the two you get with the C-2. If you’re looking for an alternative, the Samson C02 is very similar to the Behringer C-2.

Is Behringer a good brand for microphones?

Although Behringer is famous for making quality high-end equipment, the company is also well-known for offering tempting budget gear. The Behringer C-2 is perhaps one of the best examples of this. For the budget price, you actually get two condenser microphones, which is already tempting, to say the least.

What is a C-2 microphone?

Our C-2 mics also feature a low-frequency rolloff switch to eliminate infrasonics (mic handling noise, sound created by creaky stages), as well as a switchable -10 dB input pad to accommodate hot signals, such as a really loud vocalist or overzealous cellist.

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