What happens to Diana in White Collar?

Diana was absent for much of the first season, as she transferred to the Washington, D.C. office for a desk job at the end of the pilot. However, she returns to New York in “Out of the Box” (1.14) to help Peter investigate Garrett Fowler, and eventually rejoins Peter’s team.

Why does Diana have the box White Collar?

Music Box Mystery Way to go, White Collar, for not keeping us guessing all season long. Peter knows that Diana is hiding the music box. Supposedly, even he doesn’t know where it is, to protect both of them. And they’re not telling Neal, to protect him.

Why did Diana and Christie break up?

Christie was Diana’s girlfriend. They met through a pottery class, leading to a “Ghost” (1990 movie) theme to jokes about how they got together. They broke up when Diana became apprehensive over the prospect of getting married.

Is Diana in season 5 of White Collar?

In Season 5, Diana decides to get pregnant via sperm donor and be a single mother. In real life, Marsha Thomason was pregnant by her husband, Craig Sykes. The show decided to write in Thomason’s pregnancy instead of making Diana disappear.

What episode does Diana give birth in White Collar?

“White Collar” Out of the Frying Pan (TV Episode 2013) – Plot Summary – IMDb.

Who plays Diana in’white collar’?

Marsha Thomason joins the cast as Diana in season two of USA Network’s original series “White Collar.” British beauty Thomason has made an indelible mark starring in a variety of films and top-rated series.

When did the TV show white collar start?

White Collar is a crime/mystery television series that premiered on October 23, 2009, on the USA Network.

What is white collar wiki?

White Collar Wiki is an encyclopedia about the USA Network show White Collar. Anyone can edit our content. We host episode guides, character information and all things White Collar. Established October 30, 2009. First visit? start here. Need help? Visit our Help section. Questions? Post them on our discussion page. Want to help? Start here.

Is the cast of white collar the same?

The cast of White Collar. This is a list of characters in the USA Network original comedy-drama TV series White Collar. The principal cast of the series has remained mostly the same throughout the series. However, various recurring characters have appeared over the course of the show’s run.

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