What happens at the end of Infamous 2?

In the good ending, Cole sides with humanity. Cole and Nix work to charge the RFI, while Laroche and most of his followers sacrifice themselves to hold back the Beast. Nix eventually sacrifices herself as well, injuring the Beast and leaving Cole with just enough time to finish the process and supercharge his powers.

Which infamous 2 ending is canon?

Without going in to much detail, the Evil Ending tells a very different story. So, it seems that the Good Ending of inFAMOUS 2 is the canonical ending, at least with regard to upcoming PS4 blockbuster inFAMOUS: Second Son.

What happens at the end of Infamous?

Infamous ends with a bank robbery gone terribly wrong. Dean dies in a shootout, and Arielle is the only one of the group left alive. When she’s arrested and the police take her outside, hundreds of screaming and adoring fans are waiting for Arielle.

What happens to Cole at the end of Infamous 2?

Despite a short tease at the end of inFamous 2 showing Cole getting hit by lightning, Brand Development Director Ken Schramm told Push Square that he won’t be resurrected: He’s dead, man. We’re not into reincarnation, or sci-fi, or anything like that.

Who is the final boss in inFamous 2?

Scale the D.U.P. tower and defeat Augustine to finish the game.

Are infamous and inFamous: Second Son related?

Infamous Second Son takes place seven years after the events of Infamous 2. A lot can happen in seven years, so here’s the abbreviated timeline that will prepare you for Sucker Punch’s next super-powered outing.

Does inFamous: Second Son have 2 endings?

Infamous: Second Son has multiple Endings based on your Karma. All Endings, including videos of each different Ending and Ending Requirements, will be documented on this page.

How do you destroy Augustine?

Boss Battle: Defeat Augustine Firstly you need to destroy the small rocks orbiting Augustine. Hit her with the Cinder Missile when she pauses her attacks. once they disappear, follow up with Smoke Shot. Be quick or the orbiting rocks will reappear.

Can you save Reggie in InFamous: Second Son?

Another similarity to Trish is that Reggie is killed near the end of the game by the main antagonist (Augustine/Kessler), which augments the protagonist’s grudge against them (Delsin/Cole). The only difference is that Cole can attempt to save Trish (Evil karma), while attempting to save Reggie cannot be done.

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