What happened to quilters Newsletter magazine?

Last week’s announcement that one of the longest running quilting magazines, Quilters Newsletter, will be shutting down in October hit the quilting world hard. Hundreds of comments poured in on blogs and Facebook from longtime QNM readers expressing sadness that this beloved publication that has been in print for 47…

What is considered a modern quilt?

In general, modern quilt characteristics include a minimalist style; they emphasize negative space rather than intricate patchwork. They may feature bold colors and graphic designs that give high-contrast pop. And modern quilts often feature asymmetry and use unusual block placement and off-center motifs.

What is quilting magazine?

Professional quilters write the magazine with advice to the beginners and those who have a passion for the art. This magazine has thirteen issues per year, each with reviews, news, interviews, and essential quilting techniques. The printed matters come with gifts each.

What is Quilter’s World Digital?

articles and patterns with enlargeable type and images — no more eyestrain! With Quilter’s World digital, you get immediate and free delivery of each issue, the ability to save and reference your issues anytime and anywhere (online and offline), and a paperless reading experience with high-resolution quality!

What is quilting Quilt now?

Quilt Now is the freshest UK patchwork and quilting magazine dedicated to patchwork, beautiful quilted projects and fabrics -edited by Bethany Armitage. Get access to 250k active Bloggers, Podcasters, Youtubers, and Instagram Influencers in 1500 niche categories.

When was quiltmaker magazine first published?

The publication was first published in 1979 and was initially called Quilt World. You will get a free issue when you subscribe for one year. Quiltmaker magazine is ideal for quilters of all levels, from beginner to professionals. It has six issues per year, each with dozens of beautiful patterns.

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