What happened Danny Woodhead?

On March 13, 2018, Woodhead was released by the Ravens. Later that week, on March 17, Woodhead announced his retirement after 10 seasons in the league.

Is Danny Woodhead married?

Stacia WoodheadDanny Woodhead / Spouse (m. 2008)

How old is Danny Woodhead?

37 years (January 25, 1985)Danny Woodhead / Age

What does Woodhead mean?

English and Scottish: habitational name from any of various minor places named Woodhead, for example in West Yorkshire and Strathmore, from Old English wudu ‘wood’ + heafod ‘head(land)’, ‘top’, ‘extremity’.

Where is Danny Woodhead from?

North Platte, NEDanny Woodhead / Place of birth

Where did Danny Woodhead go to college?

Chadron State College2004–2008
North Platte High School
Danny Woodhead/Education

What NFL players went to Chadron college?

All Players

Pos Player NFL Draft (tm/rnd/yr)
WR Don Beebe Buffalo Bills / 3rd / 82nd pick / 1989
OG Garrett Gilkey Cleveland Browns / 7th / 227th pick / 2013
G-T Dub Miller
TE Joe Planansky

Where does the surname Woodhead come from?

What nationality is Woodhead?

Last name: Woodhead This intriguing surname is of medieval English and Scottish origins.

Where did Danny Woodhead go to high school?

What does Woodhead meaning?

Woodhead Name Meaning: This means ‘forester’, possibily taken from the Anglo-Saxon name ‘wuduweard’ which means ‘wood protector or guardian’. An occupational name given to someone who maintained the forest or worked in a forest with the trees and game.

What does the surname Woodhead mean?

Which NFL team has the most African Americans?

Black Leadership Vacuum The Raiders also had the NFL’s highest percentage of Black players (82.3 percent) in 2016, according to ProFootballLogic.

What teams has Danny Woodhead played for?

Danny Woodhead. Daniel Jacob Henry Woodhead (born January 25, 1985) is a former American football running back. He played college football at Chadron State and was signed by the New York Jets as an undrafted free agent in 2008. He also played for the New England Patriots, San Diego Chargers and Baltimore Ravens .

How many carries did Danny Woodhead have in 2010?

On November 19, 2010, Woodhead signed a two-year contract extension with the Patriots, through the 2012 season. Woodhead finished the 2010 season with 3 starts in 14 games played. He had 97 carries for 547 yards (5.6 yard average), and 5 rushing touchdowns.

Why was Danny Woodhead inactive for Patriots game?

The team had an open roster spot for Woodhead after the trade of Laurence Maroney; Woodhead was inactive for the game, which saw longtime Patriots third-down running back Kevin Faulk go down for the season with a knee injury.

What was Danny Woodhead’s 40-yard dash time at the combine?

Woodhead did not receive an invite to the NFL Scouting Combine, so he had to use his pro day to show his abilities. According to a report on NFLDraftWatch.net, he ran the 40-yard dash in times of 4.33 to 4.38 seconds, which would have been the second-fastest among all running backs at the NFL Combine in March 2008.

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