What groups should I join on Goodreads?

5 of the Best Online Book Clubs on Goodreads in 2018

  1. Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge. We don’t want to toot our own horn (too much), but Book Riot is a pretty fantastic site for book lovers.
  2. The Next Best Book Club.
  3. Addicted to YA.
  4. Romance Readers Reading Challenge.
  5. EVERYONE Has Read This But Me.

How do you write a quote on Goodreads?

Nov 20, 2020•Knowledge Here’s how: Select Quotes from the Community menu in the header. Click on Add A Quote on the top right of the page. Fill in the quote, author, and tag fields and click on Save at the bottom.

What can you do in Goodreads groups?

Goodreads Groups can be used to connect with other Goodreads members who have similar interests and would like to engage in discussion about books and other topics. You can participate in groups by adding books to the group shelves or inviting other members to join.

How do I start a discussion on Goodreads group?

1) Go to the group’s page (for this group, it’s http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/2…). 2) Go to the Discussion Board section of the page (right under the group’s header, and any group reads info). 3) On the right side of the “Discussion Board” title bar, click “new,” which will add a new thread to the group.

How do I join a discussion on Goodreads?

Join a group to access it’s discussions. Click the Group name from the Goodreads Group page, and click “Join Group” on the group’s activity page. If the group is a public group, you should be able to use the group without clicking the Join Group button.

How can I join a book club?

Check your local bookshop. Similarly to the library, your local bookshop will likely host a book club or two to join (and sometimes will even give members a special discount on the book each month).

What is the Goodreads community?

Goodreads is a community where you can discuss exactly what brought you here in the first place—books! Our goal is to help you find and share the books you love. We do that in part by maintaining a welcoming space with the help of all our members.

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