What does it mean to call someone a train spotter?

noun. plural trainspotters. Britannica Dictionary definition of TRAINSPOTTER. [count] British. : a person who is interested in trains and who writes down the numbers of passing trains as a hobby.

Who is excited train guy?

The excited train guy in question is one Steve Torrico, a foamer by hobby and profession, who works at the Pullman Sleeping Car Company in Chicago, Illinois.

What does it mean to spot trains?

Trainspotting is the practice of watching trains, particularly as a hobby, with the aim of noting distinctive characteristics.

What does being an anorak mean?

Definition of anorak 1 : a usually pullover hooded jacket long enough to cover the hips. 2 British, informal : a person who is extremely enthusiastic about and interested in something that other people find boring Bale’s book is scholarly, immensely detailed and aimed squarely at political anoraks. —

What is a train basher?

The “Festoons” in turn ridicule the obsessive train number collectors (“bashers”). “Bashers” are further sub- divided by their devotion to different locomotives, trains or routes and carry the monikers of “steam-bashers”, “wagon-bashers” and “line-bashers”.

Is the TikTok train guy real?

Francis Bourgeois (real name Luke Nicholson or Nicolson) is an English trainspotter and social media personality, most known for his videos posted on Instagram and TikTok on the topic of trains. He began making TikTok videos on trainspotting during the COVID-19 pandemic in England.

Is trainspotter a job?

TikTok’s favourite trainspotter Francis Bourgeois has quit his job to pursue his hobby full-time. Francis Bourgeois, the viral TikTok trainspotter, is choo-choosing to leave his full-time job to dedicate more time to his love of locomotives.

What is fun about train spotting?

Train spotting is not only a famous film; it is an actual real hobby which predominately involves the collection in the sightings of trains. Many railway enthusiasts will keep an eye out for a certain category/ make/ model of trains and these will be looked out for until they complete their set.

What do you call someone obsessed with trains?

A railfan, rail buff or train buff (American English), railway enthusiast or railway buff (Australian/British English), trainspotter or ferroequinologist is a person interested, especially recreationally, in rail transport.

How much does a train spotter make?

Average Salary for a Spotter Spotters in America make an average salary of $45,736 per year or $22 per hour. The top 10 percent makes over $87,000 per year, while the bottom 10 percent under $24,000 per year.

What is a train enthusiast called?

A railfan, also known as a “rail enthusiast” or “train buff” in North America, is a person with a strong affinity for anything related to trains and rail travel.

What does it mean to be a foamer?

(ˈfəʊmə ) noun. 1. a (possibly obsessive) enthusiast.

What do train spotters look for?

Some spotters desire photos of the trains, whilst others just enjoy the satisfaction of having seen them in real life, and they do not feel like they require proof. Some spotters also take an interest in old rail tickets, timetables, rail signage or other railway related memorabilia.

What is train watching called?

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