What does ear infection in puppy look like?

Noticing drainage or discharge in their ears that can be black, brown, white, green, or yellow in color. Having redness or swelling in their ear canals. Yelping out when their ears are touched, which indicates pain. Seeing blood coming from their ears in severe cases.

How do I know if my dog has a middle ear infection?

Symptoms of Middle and Inner Ear Infections in Dogs

  1. Pain when your dog opens his mouth.
  2. Reluctance to chew.
  3. Head-shaking.
  4. Pawing and scratching of the affected ear.
  5. Redness of the ears.
  6. Ear discharge.
  7. Bulging eardrum (tympanic membrane) when there is a buildup of pus in the middle and inner ear.
  8. Vomiting.

What does middle ear infection look like?

A healthy eardrum looks pinkish-gray. An infection of the middle ear, or an ear with otitis media, looks red, bulging, and there may be clear, yellow, or even greenish hued drainage.

How do you treat an ear infection in a puppy?

Treating ear infections in dogs usually consists of your vet cleaning your dog’s ear with a medicated cleanser and prescribing any antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medications required. Your veterinarian may also prescribe a topical medication and instruct you on how and when to apply it to your dog’s ear at home.

Can you see a middle ear infection?

Diagnosing a middle ear infection Using an otoscope (a lighted wand-like instrument), a doctor will be able to look into the ears, throat and nose for any signs of infection. While the area around the eardrum will most likely be red and swollen, this will normally only be noticeable upon examination with an otoscope.

How long does it take for a middle ear infection to go away?

Treating middle ear infections Most middle ear infections (otitis media) clear up within three to five days and don’t need any specific treatment. You can relieve any pain and a high temperature using over the counter painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen.

How do I clean my puppies ears?

Wipe the outer part of the inner ear often to keep dirt out of the ear canal. You can make an ear rinse at home using water and white or apple cider vinegar. An ear rinse will rid your puppy’s ear of yeast or bacteria, which cause pain and discomfort. Do not use alcohol in your puppy’s ear.

Is it common for puppies to get ear infections?

Ear infections are a common and often recurrent problem in many dogs, but, with your veterinarian’s help, you can keep your dog’s ears clean and comfortable. If your dog is showing signs of an ear infection, seek treatment right away to ensure the problem does not become serious.

Can dog food cause ear infections?

Diagnosing Your Dog’s Ear Infection Chronic or recurrent, non-seasonal ear infections may be due to a food allergy, while those that have a more seasonal pattern are often due to an underlying environmental allergy (atopic dermatitis).

Can a middle ear infection go away on its own?

Middle ear infections often go away on their own within 2 or 3 days, even without any specific treatment. In some cases, an infection can last longer (with fluid in the middle ear for 6 weeks or longer), even after antibiotic treatment.

Can a middle ear infection last for months?

Otitis media with effusion- Fluid (effusion) and mucus build up in the middle ear after an infection goes away. You may feel like your middle ear is full. This can continue for months and may affect your hearing. This is also sometimes called serous otitis media.

What is the brown stuff in my puppy’s ear?

Dark brown or black—This type of earwax is commonly associated with yeast and/or bacterial ear infections. It’s a good idea to consult with a veterinarian if earwax is this color. Brown—Light brown earwax is normal and expected. If the wax is accompanied by odor or inflammation, it can be a sign of infection.

What is the brown stuff in my puppies ears?

Ear mites: Crusty, blackish-brown buildup resembling coffee grounds in your dog’s ears is a sign of ear mites, tiny insects that can make your pup’s ears their home. Left untreated, ear mites could make your pet go deaf!

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