What do you get for finishing a Trials Passage?

Going Flawless on a Trials Passage will grant players access to The Lighthouse , a reward space only available to players with a Flawless Passage. Players will get access to Pinnacle Gear from the Flawless Chest.

Is there anything in the lighthouse Destiny 2?

The main point of interest is a large loot chest at the structure’s far end that can potentially drop unique Trials of Osiris-themed gear, Etheric Light, Passage Coins, Motes of Light, and Exotic weapons and gear. There are also large deposits of glimmer, abandoned weapons and gear, as well as a dormant ship.

Can you go to the lighthouse more than once?

Players can visit the Lighthouse as many times as they want and collect rewards each time they accrue 7 wins without a loss. There is no weekly lockout on a character, and in essence, Trials of Osiris becomes like the PvP version of a Nightfall Ordeal.

Are there any secret chests in the lighthouse?

When you arrive at the Lighthouse, there will be five symbols hidden around the room. If you activate them in order, you can then interact with a conflux and open the door that’s protecting the chest.

How do you open a conflux chest?

Once you and the party take down the boss, you will see the boss chest appear as per usual, only that now a more shiny chest will spawn alongside it. All you have to do is get close to it to trigger the ‘Use Key Codes to open Conflux Chests’ prompt. Press the interact button, and the chest will open.

Can you go to the lighthouse if you don’t go flawless?

Yes, but only on Sunday and Monday. Once Sunday rolls around, Flawless players can only match against other Flawless players, even if they’ve reset their Passage. If someone on your fireteam has gone Flawless and you haven’t, you’ll still be entered into the Flawless pool on Sunday and Monday.

Is threaded needle good?

Threaded Needle will be a great Power weapon to have once you have the perks you want. Consider leaving it at home in PvP and focusing on the PvE god roll. A big thanks to light.gg for all listed perks available. Be sure to check out the Brass Attacks god roll guide and more in our Destiny 2 archives.

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