What did Julie Andrews say to Lady Gaga?

Andrews, who said she’d “been a fan for a long time” of Gaga, was knocked out by her performance of “The Sound of Music,” “Edelweiss,” “My Favorite Things” and “Climb Every Mountain. “The minute I got home from the Oscars I called her. …

Did Julie Andrews cut her hair for The Sound of Music?

The iconic Austrian blond hair Andrews had in The Sound of Music wasn’t intentional. Having to cut her hair short for the many wigs she wore as Mary Poppins, it was still short during the filming of The Sound of Music. With the short length, her natural hair color was too dark, so she was given some highlights.

Is Julie Andrews rich?

According to CelebrityNetWorth.com, Julie Andrews is worth a staggering $30million (£21.7million). This is unsurprising when you consider her long career at the very top of the acting industry. Julie started out performing unbilled onstage with her parents, making her professional debut age just 12.

When did Lady Gaga sing Julie Andrews?

Lady Gaga hit all the right notes during her performance of the Sound of Music tribute at the 87th Annual Academy Awards — that is, she hit all the right notes to make Julie Andrews, the original Sound of Music voice, grab onto Gaga as if to never let go.

Which Oscars did Lady Gaga sing Sound of Music?

Last night (February 22), Lady Gaga took the stage at the 2015 Academy Awards to sing a Sound Of Music medley as a tribute to Julie Andrews and for the 50th anniversary of the film.

How much did Julie Andrews get paid for The Sound of Music?

Mary Martin was the wife of Richard Halliday, producer of the original Broadway show. Martin, who originated the role of Maria on Broadway, eventually received nearly $8 million from the residuals of this movie. In contrast, Julie Andrews earned just $225,000 for her performance.

Who sang the tribute to Julie Andrews?

The Sound of Music celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and so The Academy Awards decided to acknowledge this with a wonderful musical tribute. Lady Gaga sang a medley of hits from the 1965 Oscar-winning musical before greeting original star Julie Andrews on stage.

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