What band is a Health care assistant?

Band 2 – Healthcare Assistant.

What are the pay rates for NHS Professionals?

Average salaries at NHS Professionals (Bank)

  • Popular roles. Registered Nurse. £22.63 per hour. Administrator. £10.70 per hour. Healthcare Assistant.
  • Administrative Assistance. Medical Secretary. £11.13. Receptionist. £10.13. Register.
  • Nursing. Registered Nurse – ICU. £22.45 per hour. Registered Nurse – Acute Care. £19.95 per hour.

What is the difference between NHS and NHSP?

NHS Professionals is run by the NHS, for the NHS We are not an agency. We are the leading provider of flexible workforce services to the NHS with more than130,000 healthcare professionals registered with our bank, across more than 50 NHS Trusts.

How much do Band 2 healthcare assistants get paid?

Band 2 – 1st paypoint The annual salary for a Band 2 on the 1st paypoint is £18,546. This is £1,545.50 every month before deductions. A person on this NHS pay point will pay £95.73 a month of National Insurance, £86.55 a month of pension and £82.27 a month Tax. This makes their net (take home) pay £1,280.95 a month.

How much is Band 5 NHS pay per hour?


Band 1 * £9.49
Band 5 £13.12 £14.21
Band 6 £16.52 £17.48
Band 7 £20.49 £21.54
Entry step point Top step point

How many years do you need for NHS pension?

To be eligible, members must have been more than 10 years, but less than 13 years and 5 months, from their normal pension age on 1 April 2012.

What happens to my NHS pension if I leave the NHS?

Retiring when on a break in service If you decide to retire from the NHS Pension Scheme when on a break in service, your pension will be based on your pensionable earnings at the time you left the scheme and will then increase with inflation. You will not have final salary linking.

How do I become a band 3 HCA NHS?

For a Band 3 Support Worker role we expect that you hold a level 2 health related apprenticeship or other vocational qualification, and that you hold or are willing to work towards a level 3 apprenticeship or equivalent.

What can band 3 HCA do?

medication, catheter care, temperature taking, basic wound care, blood sugar monitoring, stoma care. include supervising exercise programmes, teaching use of equipment, teaching kitchen skill, supervising walking inside and out, stair practice.

How much do band 5 nurses make London?

Band 5 salaries and roles Band 5 nursing roles apply to newly qualified Nurses. The current starting salary for a Band 5 Nurse is £25,655. With 2-4 years’ experience, a Band 5 Nurse will earn £27,780, and the very top of this banding pays £31,534.

What is the NHS Band 2 hourly salary?

NHS Band 2 A Band 2 on the 1st pay point has an annual salary of £18,546. The gross (total) hourly income before deductions is £9.49 per hour. The net (take home) hourly rate is £7.86. This is a net difference of £0.14 an hour compared to before the NHS payrise.

Do I get state pension if I have an NHS pension?

The NHS Pension Scheme is completely separate from the State Pension arrangements and any other pension schemes you may have. This means you will normally get a separate basic State Pension as well as your NHS pension.

Do NHS bank staff get taxed?

The organisation, which oversees all NHS trusts, issued guidance that all bank, agency and locum staff should come under the new IR35 tax rules which came into force on 1 April. This means all temporary staff would switch to pay as you earn (PAYE) rules and have tax deducted at source.

Are NHS bank staff entitled to holiday pay?

In addition to annual leave entitlement, all full time employees are entitled to 8 paid bank holidays. In the case of all part time staff this entitlement is pro rata to the full time allowance of 60 hours.

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