What are the different types of shirt cuffs?

However, there are five major types of cuffs that are most common:

  • Cocktail cuffs.
  • French or double cuffs.
  • Convertible cuffs.
  • Single cuffs.
  • Barrel or button cuffs.

What is cuff in a womens shirt?

Although they are termed button cuffs, with women’s shirts, they can carry buttons or snaps to bind them. Single Button Cuffs, as the name indicates, have a single button. They can have horizontal buttons to adjust the width of the cuff. Double or Multiple Button Cuffs are also called Barrel Cuffs.

What is the difference between French cuff and standard cuff?

Single-button barrel cuffs, which have a slightly rounded edge, are standard. French cuffs are the most formal, requiring cuff links or silk knots. An elevated version of the barrel is the mitered cuff, which has an angular cut and is considered a more modern design.

What is French cuff?

As we already mentioned, French cuffs feature a length of fabric that is folded back upon itself and then fastened together with cufflinks, There are holes on both sides of the cuff going through all the layers of fabric. In other words, most French cuffs will typically have four holes in total to a cuff.

What are barrel cuffs?

The barrel cuff is a very straightforward option, and it is the most common type of cuff seen on men’s dress shirts today. A single, unfolded band of fabric wraps around the wrist, and the corners of the cuff are square. Unfussy and efficient, it is a practical choice that still conveys a touch of sophistication.

What is a convertible cuff?

Convertible Cuff Unlike a French cuff, it only has a single layer, is shaped just like a barrel cuff and has an extra button hole where a cufflink can be threaded through. The unique configuration of a convertible cuff means it to be worn buttoned for a casual look or with cufflinks for a special occasion.

What does barrel cuff look like?

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