What are some good questions to ask about movies?

Discussion Questions:

  • What was the theme of this film?
  • Did you learn anything from this movie?
  • Was there something you didn’t understand about the movie?
  • What did you like best about the movie?
  • Select an action performed by one of the characters in the film and explain why the character took that action.

What would you do questions for ESL?

Conversation Questions What would you…?

  • What would you like to do in the future?
  • What would you do if you were rich?
  • What would you do if you were poor?
  • What would you do if you were the principal of your school?
  • What would you do if you could suddenly speak English?
  • What would you do if you won a lottery?

Would you like to questions ESL?

To say what might happen if something else happens….Questions with Would you Like

  • Would you like to come to the club?
  • Would you like to have dinner with me?
  • Would you like some cereal for breakfast?
  • Would you like to go to the Gotye concert?
  • Would you like to have a glass of wine?
  • Would you like to play soccer with us?

How movies help students learn?

Movies are great resource for visual learners because they enable them to understand concepts without the barriers that hinder learning. Just like books, movies allow students insight into the lives of different characters, how their perspective differs and how they handle certain situations.

What can we talk about movies?

Here are some common ways that we can ask another person about movie preferences.

  • What kinds of movies do you like?
  • What genre of movies do you like?
  • Do you like romantic comedies?
  • Do you like horror movies?
  • Are you into action movies?
  • Are you a big comedy movie fan?
  • Are you interested in documentaries about animals?

What do you prefer questions ESL?

‘Prefer’ Questions

  • Do you prefer sweet food or salty food?
  • Do you prefer to cook or eat?
  • Do you prefer breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
  • Do you prefer meat or vegetables?
  • Do you prefer fruit or vegetables?
  • Do you prefer Chinese food or Japanese food?
  • Do you prefer eating indoors or outdoors?

Why watching movies can improve English?

Major findings of the study showed that watching English movies has positive impact on improving listening skill as well as on speaking skill. Correct pronunciation is also enhanced by watching English movies. English movies also help to increase vocabulary.

How do you introduce a movie?

Introduction: basic information about the movie you are about to review, for example the director or actors….Body:

  1. Summarize the plot.
  2. Mention the setting: the place and time of the plot.
  3. Say something about the main characters.

Why do movies do a good job of teaching ethics?

Ethics Movies – Educating People About Ethics. Movies are one tool that we can use to teach students about ethics. Movies have the advantage of distance. It can be easier for students to discuss what’s happening on screen than to talk about what’s going on in their personal lives.

Do movies need to have a message?

Having a message, albeit a subtle one, or at least posing interesting questions in a movie is as important as espousing a viewpoint or a personal insight in a play, a novel, an artwork or even a song because it adds gravitas to the creative endeavor.

How can films be used for educational purposes?

What is the relationship between literature and film?

Although it can easily be said that the first step of cinema is literature. Because once a film is in the process of making, it is the script, dialogues, and screenplay that are produced in order to develop it. The production and technical aspects are secondary in the process of filmmaking.

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