Was Warne better than Murali?

Interestingly, both played almost exactly the same number of matches during this period, and had very similar averages: Murali averaged 23.86 in 54 Tests (against the top teams only), while Warne averaged 23.94 from 56 matches….Murali v Warne.

Batsman Mahela Jayawardene
Balls 196
Runs 92
Dismissals 2
Average 46.00

Who is better Muttiah Muralitharan or Shane Warne?

Murali had an 18% higher impact than Warne in Test cricket – a substantial difference. Also, in all individual parameters like Top/Middle Order Wickets’ Tally Impact, Economy, Partnership-Breaking and Pressure-Building, Murali was superior.

Was Muralitharan an off spinner?

The bowler with the most wickets in the history of both Test matches and ODIs, Muttiah Muralitharan, was an off spinner.

Who is the No 1 fast bowler in the world?

Shoaib Akhtar
World’s all-time fastest bowlers in cricket

Bowler Fastest delivery Against
Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistan) 161.3 km/hr (100.2 mph) England
Shaun Tait (Australia) 161.1 km/hr (100.1 mph) England
Brett Lee (Australia) 160.8 km/hr (99.9 mph) New Zealand
Jeffrey Thomson (Australia) 160.6 km/hr (99.8 mph) West Indies

When did Muralitharan start his cricket career?

When he was nine years old, Muralitharan was sent to St. Anthony’s College, Kandy, a private school run by Benedictine monks. He began his cricketing career as a medium pace bowler but on the advice of his school coach, Sunil Fernando, he took up off-spin when he was fourteen years old.

How many wickets did Muttiah Muralitharan take in his Test career?

Muralitharan was on the winning side on 54 of the 133 test matches he played. In those games he captured a total of 438 wickets (8.1 wickets per match), at an outstanding average of 16.18 per wicket and a strike rate of 42.7.

Was Muralitharan the best Test batsman of the decade 2000–2009?

However, it is clear that Muralitharan did much better playing at home to test minnows Zimbabwe and Bangladesh, averaging less than 16 runs a wicket. Cricinfo’s statistics editor S Rajesh concluded that the decade 2000–2009 was the best 10-year period for Test batsmen since the 1940s.

How much did Muralitharan get paid for playing in IPL?

In February 2008, Muralitharan was slated to play Twenty20 cricket for the Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League (IPL). He was bought for $600,000 by India Cements, the Chennai franchisee of the IPL, through a bidding process.

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