Is there anywhere to fish in El Paso?

There are great fishing spots all along the Rio Grande River with several access points throughout El Paso, including the Rio Grande River Trail. The 8.5-mile trail travels right along the river, giving shore fisherman multiple access points to roam along.

What kind of fish are in El Paso?

Catfish, white bass, carp, largemouth bass, crappie, and rainbow trout can all be found here, and throughout the many other man-made waterways, such as the reservoirs and canals which surround the city. As this is a public site, you will need a license to fish here as well.

Do you need a license to fish at Ascarate Lake?

There is no fee to fish in Ascarate Lake! You are required to have a Texas fishing license if you’re over the age of 17. The daily limit is 5 adult fish per person, or unlimited catch and release. There is a two pole limit per person.

Does El Paso have lakes?

Ascarate Park is the largest public-use recreational park in El Paso County and is dedicated to sports, picnicking, fishing, golf, and other recreational activities. Spanning over 400 acres, visitors can enjoy a lakeside boardwalk, take in the sights with pedal boats, and canoe rentals.

Where can I fish Rio Grande?

Stream & Creek Fishing The most popular streams include: Embargo, Beaver, and Rock creeks. The South Fork of the Rio Grande offers good stream and bank fishing, wading, bait, cast and fly fishing for browns, rainbows, and brooks. It is accessible by car with some walk-in areas.

Can you fish the Rio Grande in Texas?

The Rio Grande River below Lake Amistad, is a legendary smallmouth and largemouth bass fishery.

What kind of fish are in Ascarate Lake?

Ascarate Lake boasts some of the best fishing in the Southwest. The lake is home to trout (winter), catfish (summer), largemouth bass, black bass, sun perch, blue gill, carp, shad, crappie hybrid sunfish and minnows. Anglers are restricted to two fishing poles each, with a limit of five fish per visit to the lake.

Does Ascarate Park charge?

EL PASO, Texas – Commissioners Court approved a proposal presented by Commissioner David Stout that will end parking fees charged to visitors on regular weekends. Fees will still be charged on holidays and for major events.

What type of fish are in Ascarate Park?

Where can I fish in Texas without a boat?

A better bet for catching fish without using a boat are five small lakes designated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) as Neighborhood Fishin’ Program (NFP) lakes. They are stocked regularly by TPWD (trout in the winter and catfish the rest of the year).

Are there alligators in the Rio Grande?

Giant alligators have been released into the Rio Grande to deter migrants from crossing the border river to the United States, reports Mexican media.

Do people fish in the Rio Grande?

Stream & Creek Fishing The Rio Grande and its tributaries offer slow running waters, excellent for fly fishing as well as with lures. Many of the river’s smaller tributaries offer stream sized fish, and are abundant with aquatic life like cutthroat and rainbow trout.

Can you drink beer at Ascarate Park?

Fees start at $50 for the day and shelters can be reserved. For more information, call 915-771-2380. Park hours for the holiday will be 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. El Paso County Parks and Recreation would like to remind the public that Ascarate Park is an alcohol- and tobacco-free facility.

Are there fish in Ascarate Lake?

Can you fish in the Rio Grande?

What kind of fish is in the Rio Grande?

The most abundant native species have been fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas), red shiners (Cyprinella lutrensis), and the endangered Rio Grande silvery minnow (Hybognathus amurus). In many individual samples, the Rio Grande silvery minnow has been the most abundant species, making up 35% or more of all fishes.

Where is the best fishing in El Paso?

Downstream of El Paso, the lower portions of the river around Big Bend National Park provide better bass fishing, and the upper Rio Grande in parts of New Mexico is a productive trout stream. Additional Information: Fishing Maps that might be helpful for your next fishing trip.

Do you need a fishing license in El Paso?

A current Texas fishing license is required. El Paso’s Ascarate Park is home to 48-acre Ascarate Lake, one of the few fishable waters within the city limits. The lake is stocked with trout in winter and catfish in summer. Anglers may also catch largemouth bass, bluegill, sunfish, crappie and carp.

How much does it cost to fish El Paso?

Once or twice a year, El Paso Water Utilities holds one-day fishing derbies at their Jonathan Rogers Water Treatment Plant. Entrance to the events typically costs less than $10 per fishing rod and proceeds go to charity.

Can you catch catfish in El Paso?

El Paso, Texas’ arid desert climate and sparse bodies of water make it difficult to find a fishing hole. But don’t worry, if you know where to look, you can cast your line for catfish, crappie, catfish or trout and take home a stringer full of fish for dinner.

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