Is the Piper Arrow a complex plane?

The Piper Arrow Complex Aircraft Trainer The Arrow offers an ideal classroom in the sky for complex, single engine training at a price that is manageable for the smallest of flight schools.

What is the useful load of a Piper Arrow?

1123 lbs.
Empty Weight: 1627 lbs. Max Gross Weight: 2750 lbs. Useful Load: 1123 lbs. Fuel Consumption: 11 gal/hr.

How much fuel does a Piper Arrow burn?

You’ll get maximum true airspeeds of 120 kt or so from an Archer. Fuel burns at these settings will be approximately 10.5 gph.

Are Piper Arrows fuel injected?

The airplane is approved for day and night VFR/IFR operations when equipped in accordance with F.A.R. 91 or F.A.R 135. The aircraft is powered by a Lycoming IO-360-C1C6 and is rated at 200 horsepower. It is a four cylinder, direct drive, horizontally opposed, fuel injected engine.

Is Piper Archer easy to fly?

Its flight controls are relatively well balanced, with roughly equivalent pressures required in all three axes. The Archers are safe, stable and predictable and easy to land, even on short runways. In slow flight, the airplane has no bad habits, nor does it build speed in unusual attitudes.

Is the Aerostar a good plane?

The Aerostar is a wonderful pilot’s aircraft that’s a pure joy to fly. For the cost, speed and endurance, there is no pressurized piston twin that compares. I have flown my 1977 Ted Smith Aerostar 601P for more than 3200 hours since 1990. I will leave the financial point of view to others.

What happened to the Aerostar jet?

Piper Aircraft bought the rights to the Aerostar in 1978, and production eventually ceased in 1984.

What makes the just flight Arrow III so special?

The Just Flight Arrow III features a MSFS-native (Wwise) sound package taking full advantage of the new capabilities. Every little detail has been faithfully recreated based on high fidelity recordings from real life PA-28s. Accurately positioned 3D sound sources (best enjoyed in VR!)

Is there a 3D virtual cockpit for the Arrow?

This remake of the Piper Arrow does a marvelous job of capturing the virtual cockpit in all of its glory, as well. The addition of a 3D virtual cockpit, complete with full functionality, should make managing and using this aircraft much easier Struggling to get to grips with the cockpit?

How do I get a 66% discount on the PA-28R Arrow III/IV?

Anyone buying this PA-28R Arrow III add-on from Just Flight can get a 66% discount on the usual price of the PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV-you’ll find a discount code in your Just Flight account once you have purchased this Arrow III add-on!

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