Is second hand Volkswagen Polo worth buying?

A used VW Polo is an exceptional car to buy as it offers premium features, durable build quality and performance-oriented engines at a very affordable price.

Do VW Polos hold their value?

Much like Audi, its robust and reliable build makes it a car that is always in demand – thus increasing the value. One of its most popular cars, the Volkswagen Polo, holds its value the most out of its competitor cars.

Which is the best version in Polo?

Polo TDI is a good one , especially if you enjoy driving. It has power, stability and of course safety,like any Volkswagen Polo.

How long will a Volkswagen Polo last?

Having this mileage in mind, we can comfortably say that the Volkswagen Polo lasts over six years without any trouble, including the 2 years warranty promised by the company. You can achieve this with adequate servicing.

Why do people sell Polo?

The Polo has been consistently selling in excess of 2500 units/month since its inception with peak figures reaching around 4000-5000. The Polo became highly sought after in the used car market as well owing to this fact. People wanted an affordable vehicle with a solid build which also contributed to the sales.

Why are polos so popular?

Super Comfort Most Polo shirts are made from breathable 100% cotton material. Even those that have very sensitive skin should be comfortable wearing them. A Polo shirt is perfect for warm weather or hot offices as they are breathable and prevent you from sweating.

Why do people love Polo cars?

Polo offers you something which no other car in the hatchback segment does – Driving Pleasure. The car loves to be driven and revved. It is pertinent to note that the car feels solid as a rock when your drive it. The VW polo drives very planted, thanks to those 16 inch allow wheels.

How many kms does a Polo diesel engine last?

following above u can keep engine life upto 5–7lac kms.

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