Is Ricardo Lockette paralyzed?

Lockette’s career ended after a serious neck injury he sustained in a Nov. 1, 2015 game that could have left him paralyzed — and as he later learned, could have killed him.

What teams did Ricardo Lockette play for?

Lockette then bounced to the 49ers and then the Chicago Bears before ultimately returning to the Seattle Seahawks where he won a Super Bowl in 2014 with the franchise, completing one key catch against the Denver Broncos.

What does Ricardo Lockette do now?

The Super Bowl XLVIII champion is currently a player advisor for The Football Players Health Study at Harvard. The study is working to collect data from current and former players (they currently have over 3,800 submissions) to improve quality of life.

Was Ricardo Lockette good?

Lockette won the NCAA Division II 200-meter dash in 2008 in a personal record of 20.63 seconds; he ran the 100-meter dash in 10.28 seconds. Tyree Price, Lockette’s track coach at Fort Valley State, has stated that, had he stuck with track, he would have gone to the Olympic trials.

Is Kam Chancellor injured?

Kam Chancellor walks away from the game due to the risk of paralysis from his neck injury. Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor has announced his retirement from the NFL after eight seasons. Chancellor, 30, played in just nine games last season and suffered a serious nerve injury in his neck last November.

Who was 83 on Seahawks?

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Ricardo Lockette underwent surgery to stabilize his neck after being hospitalized for a concussion. Lockette suffered the injury following a hit from Jeff Heath on a punt return in the second quarter against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 8.

Why did Kam retire?

A four-time Pro Bowler, he was one of the key members of their Legion of Boom secondary. He also helped lead the Seahawks to victory in Super Bowl XLVIII. He retired in 2019 following complications from a neck injury he suffered two seasons earlier.

What is Kam Chancellor doing these days?

But since retiring, Chancellor’s interests have gone beyond the football field — he’s become an avid golfer, he’s dabbled in fashion, and, most importantly, he’s had time to be a dad 24/7.

Where did Doug Baldwin go?

Since retiring, Baldwin has become a father of two girls, and is working towards his masters in applied positive psychology at Penn, while also advising for Intellectual Ventures, a Bellevue-based tech incubator.

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