Is Revere Ware pots and pans worth anything?

Revere Ware is considered a highly collectible brand of cookware, much like certain cast iron cookware brands. Like all collectibles, some pieces have become more desirable than others.

Is Revere Ware cookware still made?

Revere Ware discontinued selling spare parts in 1989. In 2018, the Revere Ware brand was purchased by Corelle Inc, along with all the other brands owned by World Kitchen, LLC, like Pyrex and Corning. They promptly shut down the brand and erased any traces of it from their website.

Is Revere cookware any good?

Revere was once a good product, but what we have here is not the same stuff. The copper on the bottom is too thin to make any difference other than ornamental. Therefore the pans have all of the heating qualities of stainless steel. They conduct heat poorly.

How can you tell if Revere Ware is vintage?

The earliest pans have the Riding Revere stamp on the bottom, soon replaced by the early Revere Ware stamp. In 1946 Revere Ware started using the more familiar stamp on the bottom that includes a circle and either the words “Process Patent” or “Pat.

Does Revere Ware still make copper bottom pans?

Revere Ware isn’t made anymore.

How do you keep Revere Ware from sticking?

Give it a good soak in 50% vinegar and water and then scrub the inside thoroughly with a green Scotch Brite pad. You can also try using Bar Keepers Friend to polish the inside and try to get food to stick less.

Why is Revere Ware popular?

Additionally, Revere Ware cookware was lighter and easier to handle in the kitchen than most pots and pans of that era. Its handles’ unique design was modeled after the handles of a silversmith’s hammer, a design that proved so popular that it has been copied by many other companies since.

How do you replace Revere Ware?

First check their warranty page to make sure your product is covered (hint, cookware is 25 years, tea kettles are one year), try contacting Revere Ware (aka World Kitchen) and ask for replacement. You can contact them online here or by phone at 1.800. 999.3436.

Is Revere Ware stainless steel?

Get every pot and pan you need for your kitchen with the high quality Revere 7-piece stainless steel set. This all-inclusive Revere set features extra heavy-duty 18/10 stainless steel and a tri-ply aluminum core for quick and even heat distribution.

How do you date a copper pan?

When you have a piece of copper in front of you, the first thing to look for are stamps — words, numbers, logos, or symbols that were pressed into the copper. Stamps can help identify not only the maker of a pot, but also the time period in which it was made.

Are copper bottom pans worth anything?

In Conclusion. Copper pans are some of the most expensive cookware money can buy. But for the professional chef and home cook who knows how to make the best use of them, they’re worth every single dollar.

Can you put copper bottom Revere Ware in dishwasher?

They will leave pieces of themselves behind and cause corrosion. Don’t put your Revere Ware in the dishwasher. While the metal will hold up fine, the dishwasher can easily ruin the Bakelite parts.

Where was Revere Ware made?

The Mill Products Division of Revere Copper and Brass, Inc. was bought by the employees, (retaining the Revere name) with its headquarters in Rome, NY; manufacturing in New Bedford, MA.

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