Is ProMarker permanent?

Are Promarkers permanent? Yes, ProMarkers are permanent and extremely quick drying.

What does a Promarker blender do?

The Winsor and Newton Promarker Blender can be used with all Promarker colours to create new shades and tones. The pen can be used as an under- layer or with wet ink. This creates a gradual change of shade or colour and delivers stunning results. It also helps create smooth coverage, eliminating potential felt marks.

Is ProMarker alcohol-based?

Promarker offers alcohol-based streak-free coverage so you can achieve flawless, print-like results. Promarker is twin-tipped: a broad chisel and fine bullet nib, that allow you the freedom to flip easily between shading larger areas and precision detailing.

Can you use water with ProMarkers?

Water-based ink is lightfast and acid-free, which is perfect for archival projects such as scrapbooking. They are also easily manipulated with water, and you can use a water filled brush pen to blend and add washes to your artwork.

Can you use water with Promarkers?

What are promarkers?

Promarkers were originally made by Letraset up until they were bought over by Winsor & Newton in 2012 (the branding wasn’t switched until 2015). Promarkers have 2 separate nibs built into either end of the pen, called Twin nibs.

What is the ProMarker Blender?

The ProMarker blender is a tool that helps to blend the colors together. Such Blender pen is included within the 12 Promarkers. The ProMarker Blender can be used not only to merge the colors, but also to soften them. Remember to clean the Blender after using it!

What is the difference between promarkers and brushmarkers?

The difference between ProMarkers and Brushmarkers are the nibs – the BrushMarker comes with a broad chisel nib and a brush nib. Winsor & Newton designed a stiff yet flexible nib that mimics a brush but is made from a solid tip rather than lots of hairs.

What kind of ink does ProMarker use?

Promarker offers 189 different translucent, alcohol-based inks that let you add subtle nuance or build dramatic layering to your work. Promarker offers alcohol-based streak-free coverage so you can achieve flawless, print-like results.

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