Is November a good time for Disney World?

November is one of the best months of the year to visit Walt Disney World if you’re comparing it to every month of the year, especially those two sweet spots of low crowds.

Is it warm enough to swim at Disney World in November?

Is it warm enough to still swim mid November?” Hi Christie! I’m so happy to inform you that all pools at Walt Disney World are heated to a comfortable 82 degrees all year long.

How should I dress for Disney World in November?

The short sleeves will keep you comfortable during the day and keep your shoulders safe from the intense Florida sun. Consider packing long-sleeved shirts, a light sweater or light jacket for those chilly nights. If you tend to get cold easily, a long-sleeved shirt might be ideal.

Is Disney World decorated for Christmas in November?

It covers entertainment, crowds, food, free tours, things to do, decorations and more. Plus, what’s likely to return for the 2022 holiday season and probable dates. Typically, Walt Disney World officially kicks off its Christmas celebrations the second weekend in November through the first week of January.

Does it rain a lot in Orlando in November?

The Orlando area receives an average of 2.42 inches of rainfall in November, with only three days of rain in a typical year. The chance of rain in November is the lowest of any month for Orlando, so it’s truly one of the best times to visit this usually wet city.

Are the water parks at Disney World Open in November?

Weather at Disney World in November As one is closed for refurbishment, the other remains open and ready for fun. While one water park will be open in November, it is subject to closure when the weather gets especially cold or nasty. The Disney resort pools and most Orlando hotel pools are heated!

Does Disney decorate for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is usually considered the unofficial start of the holiday season, and Walt Disney World starts decorating in early November so the majority of the park is all dressed up by Thanksgiving.

Is Disney open on Thanksgiving?

While there are occasional exceptions for things like severe weather, the Walt Disney World Resort is open for Guests to enjoy on all days – including holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Is Thanksgiving a bad time to go to Disney?

Thanksgiving Day crowds are particularly bad at Magic Kingdom and Epcot–as those are the park most locals doing a trip with their families will choose–and better at both Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

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