Is Mablethorpe worth visiting?

After the glorious summer that the UK indulged in last year it makes perfect sense to enjoy a staycation, and with everything you could wish for including one of the best beaches in the country, Mablethorpe is a destination that suits any type of traveller and is guaranteed to make a lifetime of memories for families.

Can you swim in the sea at Mablethorpe?

Swimming at Mablethorpe Beach The waves and tides are fairly gentle at Mablethorpe but we still recommend you swim between the flags in full view of the lifeguards that watch the beach through the summer season.

Is Mablethorpe a Blue Flag beach?

Skegness, Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea beaches have all once again been awarded Blue Flag status. The Lincolnshire coast resorts were recognised by Keep Britain Tidy for their water quality, facilities, beach safety, environmental education and management of the beaches.

Is mablethorpe Beach man made?

From Mablethorpe to Manhattan, man-made beaches are being manufactured for our holiday pleasure, but out at sea, where the sand is being scraped and sucked up by giant dredgers, entire eco-systems are being wrecked, say environmentalists.

What’s it like in Mablethorpe?

Mablethorpe is a wonderful place with a spectacular soft sandy beach. The town is a very friendly town and has a low crime rate compared to other uk towns. A perfect place for all ages.

What day is Mablethorpe Market?

Mablethorpe Market is one of the area’s most popular, located on the High Street every Thursday 9am to 4pm and run by Mablethorpe Town Council.

Does Mablethorpe have a fairground?

Welcome to Mablethorpe fairground – a traditional, family friendly, funfair at the end of the High Street and right next Mablethorpe’s award winning sandy beach.

Are there rock pools in Mablethorpe?

For those who enjoy the noise and bright lights there are the rides, entertainments and amusement arcades along the seafront and High Street and for those who prefer a more traditional seaside escape there are miles of lovely beach, with rocks pools, dunes, donkey rides and ice-creams.

When can dogs go on the beach at Mablethorpe?

Dogs must be placed and kept on a lead on the Promenades at Skegness, Mablethorpe & Sutton on Sea between 1st May & 30th September each year, in the beach ban areas.

Is Mablethorpe a sandy beach?

Mablethorpe Beach is an attractive golden sandy beach offering a fun-filled, family friendly day out on the East Coast. Enjoy an array of water sports including swimming, wind surfing, sailing, kayaking, canoeing and much more as Mablethorpe beach has fairly gentle waves and tides and offers a lifeguard service.

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