Is Kuwait Airways a good airline?

Kuwait Airways is Certified as a 3-Star Airline for the quality of its airport and onboard product and staff service. Product rating includes seats, amenities, food & beverages, IFE, cleanliness etc, and service rating is for both cabin staff and ground staff.

Is Kuwait Airways a dry airline?

As per Kuwait airlines website: NO, Kuwait Airways is a dry airline and does not allow such items to be carried onboard or as checked-in baggage. Even mineral water is not permitted to import into the country.

Is Gulf Air safe to fly?

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain – 06 January 2022: Gulf Air, the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, has received the Skytrax Five Star COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating after a vigorous audit by Skytrax Research that took place between November and December 2021.

Do they serve food in Kuwait Airways?

We are delighted to welcome you on board Our chefs have used their talent and imagination to design a selection of dishes to suit your taste. Looking forward to extending our warm hospitality to you on your next flight in the near future. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, inflight meals will differ.

How many seats are there in Kuwait Airways?

Current fleet

Aircraft In service Passengers
Airbus A321neo 169
Airbus A330-200 5 212
Airbus A330-800 2 235

Is laptop allowed in Kuwait Airways?

Kuwait Airways statement Larger electronic devices, including but not limited to personal laptop computers, will not be allowed in the cabin as carry-on luggage and must now be placed in the checked-in luggage.

Does Kuwait Airways have free Wi-Fi?

COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE. We are committed to excellence in every detail. This extends to the little touches, like cabinwide Wi-Fi and a wide selection of menus on-board, including special meals. Our inflight entertainment features a virtual box office that sets a memorable journey.

Could Kuwait Airways be a potential partner with the US?

Incidentally, not a single passenger I saw on the Kuwait to JFK flight was a Westerner; most passengers appeared to be headed to the US from the Indian subcontinent via KWI. Of course, no US or European company would touch Kuwait Airways as a potential partner until the airline abandons its backwards ban on Israelis.

Can You book Kuwait Airways using miles or points?

Because Kuwait Airways has no airline or major credit card partners, it’s unlikely that a US-based flyer would be able to book using points or miles. The only program allowing flyers to collect and spend miles on KU is the airline’s own Oasis Club.

What is the national airline of Kuwait?

Kuwait Airways (KU) is the country’s national airline. It operates from a hub at Kuwait International Airport (KWI). The airline flies to about 35 destinations in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. It also has codeshare agreements with Air India, Alitalia, Ethiopian Airlines, Etihad Airways, Saudia and Turkish Airlines.

Could Kuwait Airways vie for India east coast traffic?

With onward connections from KWI to the Indian subcontinent, Kuwait Airways could vie for a slice of the lucrative traffic from the East Coast to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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