Is Indonesia allowing visa on arrival?

The visa on arrival allows its holder to remain in Indonesia for up to 30 days. However, it is possible to renew it. To extend a VOA, travelers must visit an Indonesian immigration office (Kantor Imigrasi in Indonesian.)

Is visa on arrival free in Indonesia?

Indonesia is a visa free country so no visa required for Indian citizens travelling for less than 30 days. You just need to get a visa exemption stamp from the Immigration counter. This is available free of cost. If your travel duration is more than 30 days, you can apply for visa on arrival when you enter Indonesia.

Can I get a visa for Bali on arrival?

Bali Visa on Arrival A visa on arrival (VOA) for Bali and Indonesia is available to citizens of over 60 countries (42 due to the pandemic), including the EU member states, the US, and the United Kingdom. The VOA can be obtained upon arrival in Bali and several other Indonesian entry points.

Can you get a 60 day visa for Indonesia?

This visa is valid (must be used) within 90 (ninety) days from the date of issuance, the 60-days stay permit starts from the date the traveler enters Indonesia. This visa can be extended at the Immigration Offices in Indonesia for up to 4 (four) times, 30 days for each extension.

Which countries get visa on arrival in Indonesia?

🛫 From April 28th, the following citizens from 60 countries can get Visa on Arrival (VOA) to visit Bali, Indonesia: South Africa, United States of America, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Philippines, Finland, Hong …

How much is Bali visa on arrival?

How much does a Bali visa cost? The 30-day visa free option in Bali is free. If you plan on staying in Bali for longer than 30 days, you must apply for a visa from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia. before you travel or pay immigration $35US* upon arrival.

Is there visa on arrival in Jakarta?

The Visa on Arrival costs Rp. 500.000 and is valid for 30 days. The Visa on Arrival can get extended once, with 30 days, at a local Immigration Office in Indonesia with an extension fee of Rp.

How can I get visa on arrival in Jakarta?

To obtain e-Visa, you must have a local sponsor….Here are the requirements to obtain Visa on Arrival :

  1. Passport valid for 6 months since date of entry;
  2. Return or onward ticket (which indicates the date of departure from Indonesia);
  3. Visa on Arrival fee Rp. 500.000,-

What documents are required for Indonesia visa on arrival?

Requirements for Indonesia Visa on Arrival

  • Indian passport having at least 6 months validity upon arrival in the country.
  • Two blank pages in the passport.
  • A confirmed return ticket or a confirmed one-way ticket as well as a ticket issued for travelling to other countries after visiting Indonesia.

How long does Indonesia visa take?

3 – 5 working days
How Long Does It Take to Process an Indonesian Visa? It takes about 3 – 5 working days for the Indonesian Embassy/Consulate to process your visa application. Still, the processing time depends on the specific diplomatic mission where you are applying as well as the application method.

How much is a 60 day visa for Indonesia?

Indonesia Tourist Visa Extension The Tourist Visa extension fee is the same as the initial visa fee you paid (USD 35 for Visa on Arrival; USD 50 for Embassy Tourist Visa). Note: If you are exempt from visa requirements, and you enter Indonesia without a visa, you cannot apply for an extension of stay.

How Much Does visa on Arrival cost Indonesia?

USD 35
Indonesia Visa On Arrival Process It must be valid for at least another six months. An onward or return flight ticket. The Visa on Arrival fee. The Indonesia Visa on Arrival cost is USD 35, or its equivalent in another currency.

Is Rtpcr necessary for Bali?

All domestic travelers who are using air transportation mode are required to present these documents when visiting Bali: Vaccine cards/certificates (minimum first dose) and negative RT-PCR certificate with sample taken within a maximum period of 3 x 24 hours before departure, or.

Does Bali accept tourists now?

Yes, international travellers are currently allowed to visit Bali. The Indonesian government now allows entry without quarantine and Visa on Arrival (VoA) for inbound travellers to Bali.

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