Is Essbase still used?

2.4 ending in December 2021, Essbase customers are offered a surprisingly large number of choices to move forward on a supported platform: Essbase 11.2 (the version bundled with EPM 11.2) Essbase 21c on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Essbase 21c on-premises.

What is a Essbase cube?

Essbase Databases are often called “Cubes” and are defined by dimensions, which themselves are hierarchical groups of members Data is organized into cross sectional groups that can be accessed by users depending on what sections of the hierarchal dimensions they wish to see.

What type of database is Essbase?

multidimensional database management system
Essbase is a multidimensional database management system (MDBMS) that provides a platform upon which to build analytic applications. Essbase began as a product from Arbor Software, which merged with Hyperion Software in 1998.

Is Essbase an SQL?

After configuring one or more SQL data sources and preparing multiple-table data, you can use Oracle Essbase Administration Services to load data and build dimensions.

Is Essbase an ERP system?

Essbase products enable organizations to leverage data in their data warehouses, legacy systems, online transaction processing (OLTP) systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, e-business systems, customer relationship management (CRM) applications, Web log files and other external data sources.

What is Essbase called now?

Hyperion renamed many of its products in 2005, giving Essbase an official name of Hyperion System 9 BI+ Analytic Services, but the new name was largely ignored by practitioners….Essbase.

Original author(s) Arbor Software Corporation
Stable release 21.3 / December 2021
Operating system Windows, Linux, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Solaris

What is the difference between Smart View and Essbase?

One of the bigger changes is that Smart View is now compatible with multiple Oracle and Microsoft products, whereas the Essbase Add-In only connected to Essbase and Excel.

How do I create a report in Essbase?

Free-Form Reporting Overview

  1. Select additional members by using the POV or Member Selection dialog-box.
  2. Use ad hoc retrieval options, such as zoom in and out; pivot, etc.
  3. Use VBA functions to customize and automate worksheets.
  4. Format member and data cells.
  5. Create a template that can be shared with other users.

How do I set up Essbase?

Essbase Independent Deployment

  1. Get Started with Oracle Essbase Installation and Maintenance.
  2. Before You Begin.
  3. Install Oracle Essbase.
  4. Configure Oracle Essbase.
  5. Select Identity Provider.
  6. Secure Your Communication and Network.
  7. Migrate Essbase Applications.
  8. Manage Essbase User Roles and Application Permissions.

How do I set up Essbase in Excel?

Click the Excel Options button in the lower left hand corner. Click the Add-Ins menu on the left side of the window. Change the Manage Drop Down to Excel Add-Ins, and click the Go button. When the Add-Ins window opens, click the Browse button, navigate to the location where In2Hyp Essbase Ribbon.

What is Essbase SmartView?

Smart View enables you to integrate ERP, enterprise performance management (EPM), and business intelligence (BI) data directly from the data source into Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. Using Smart View, you can view, import, manipulate, distribute and share data in Office-based interfaces.

How do I access Essbase?

To access an Oracle Essbase server:

  1. From Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Workspace with the BI Catalog open, select Tools, and then Database Connection Manager.
  2. Select an Essbase database connection, and then click New or Edit to access the Database Connection Properties dialog box.
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