Is Bullet Bob Armstrong still alive?

August 27, 2020Bob Armstrong / Date of death

How old is Brad Armstrong?

51 years (1961–2012)Brad Armstrong / Age at death

What WWE Hall of Fame wrestler died?

legend Scott Hall
Wrestling legend Scott Hall, best known for his character “Razor Ramon,” has died at the age of 63. Mr. Hall’s Razon Ramon character became “one of the most enduring personas” of World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., the company said in a statement Monday announcing his death.

Is Road Dogg still alive?

Brian Girard James (born May 20, 1969) is an American semi-retired professional wrestler. James was best known for his initial tenure with World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) as The Roadie from 1994 to 1995 and as “Road Dogg” Jesse James from 1996 to 2001….

Road Dogg
Battles/wars Gulf War

Who is Bullet Bob?

Bob Armstrong: Bio In the ring, “Bullet” Bob Armstrong carved out distinction as a tough, working-class hero who would never back down from a fight. Outside of it, he raised four boys who would proudly carry on his legacy. In both respects, he has been revered as a man of honor.

Who was dark secret in Smoky Mountain Wrestling?

Brian James
Male wrestlers

Birth name: Ring name(s): Tenure:
Brian James Brian Armstrong / The Dark Secret 1992–1995
Joseph Melton James † Bob Armstrong / The Bullet 1992–1995
Joseph Scott James Scott Armstrong / Dixie Dynamite 1991–1995
Steve James Steve Armstrong 1993–1995

Is Bullet Bob Hayes still alive?

September 18, 2002Bob Hayes / Date of death

What caused the white flash Lisa?

He describes the event as occurring suddenly, having been asleep at the time, only to be awoken by a bright white light. This effect is similar to that of the initial blast of a nuclear detonation: a large and bright white flash. This could mean that the White Flash was caused by some form of nuclear weapon.

Is Lisa a sad game?

So, Lisa is a pretty depressing game. It exposes us and picks apart so many of society’s flaws, displaying them for all of its player base to see. It may be painful to play, but, more than that, Lisa is painfully human and relatable.

Is Lisa a horror game?

There’s no jump scares or horrific tension. Just a lot of unsettiling imagry. I would be more worried about the sadness in the game you’ll encounter than fear.

How much does LISA: THE PAINFUL cost?


When did DX get back together?

After its original run, the group underwent several roster changes. After one-off returns in 2000 and 2002, DX reformed in June 2006 as the duo of Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

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