Is Beame a good tracker?

Beame has become a pioneer in the tracking industry and today boasts one of the best recovery rates in South Africa. It is a wireless recovery device that has been built to be discrete, completely mobile, and infallible.

Can I track my vehicle with a Beame?

While you can’t track the movements of your vehicle online, our excellent recovery rate shows that we’ve always got our eyes on your moveable assets. The Beame device is specifically designed for recovery purposes.

What is Beame tracking?

Beame, a MiX Telematics brand, ensures your stolen vehicle recovery is ‘Simply Sorted’. In the event of car theft or a hijacking, Beame offers a recovery service with one of the highest recovery rates in the industry.

What is a Beame?

Beame is a small, fully mobile recovery device that fits easily into a vehicle or any other moveable assets, including motorbikes, quadbikes, trailers, caravans and bicycles, ensuring that they can be easily recovered if stolen.

Does Tracker pay for stolen car?

Get our cash-back Recovery Warranty of up to R150,000 Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that in the unlikely event we’re unable to recover your stolen vehicle, we will pay you up to R150 000. View the terms and conditions that apply to the warranty here.

How do I cancel my matrix tracker?

Either you or MiX Telematics may terminate this Agreement by giving at least 20 (twenty) Business Days’ written notice. 2.4. 1. You may terminate this Agreement by giving at least 20 (twenty) Business Days’ written notice, but you will receive no refund should you do so.

Which car tracker is the best in SA?

Top 5 car tracker companies in South Africa

  • Beame. Link to their website:
  • Ctrack. Link to their website:
  • Matrix. Link to their website:
  • Netstar. Link to their website:
  • Tracker. Link to their website:

How do you know if your vehicle has a tracker on it?

Check the undercarriage of the vehicle. Most magnetic or old GPS trackers are attached to the underside of the car. A tracker could be hidden under your car’s trunk with the help of Velcro tape or bolted in place.

Can you cancel car tracker?

Cartrack shall be entitled to recover arrear Fees by debiting the Client’s account with the outstanding amount or by any other legal action, and cancel the Agreement, charging a reasonable penalty fee for early cancellation.

What is Matrix Tracker?

Matrix’s live tracking solutions include an on-the-go smartphone application and a sophisticated online portal that allows you to monitor your vehicle anywhere, any time. The Matrix smartphone app is the best in its class with advanced vehicle positioning tools which include Street View and traffic updates.

How does Matrix Car Tracker work?

Navigate to your car’s exact location The GPS enabled Matrix Smartphone vehicle tracking app links to your mobile phone’s navigation, allowing you to plan routes and send directions from your smartphone to your vehicle or to another vehicle tracked on your account.

How do I check a VIN number for free in South Africa? allows you to verify the VIN, year, make, model and variant of a vehicle. The report provided will also tell you if the vehicle has been listed as stolen by the SAPS.

What is Beame vehicle tracking?

Beame Vehicle Tracking is so much more than just another tracking and recovery service. It’s simple and super quick to install, because it’s wireless, which makes it easy to hide, without affecting your vehicle’s electronic warranty. What’s more, you can now hold the services in the palm of your hand. Beame – Tracking. Simply Sorted.

How do I check that my Beame device is in working order?

Simply sorted. For your login details, please email [email protected], call 0860 BEAME1 (232 631) and select option 2 once a month to check that your Beame unit is in working order. Does the Beame device have the internet tracking feature?

How do I access the Beame app?

How do I access the APP? Download our Beame Smartphone App from the Google Play Store (Android users) or The App Store (iPhone users) to request your certificate and to access all Beame’s services.

What is Beame and how long does it last?

Beame is wireless so can easily be installed into vehicles, trailers, motorcycles and quad bikes. The Beame device has a Lifetime Warranty and is powered by a battery that lasts for at least 3 years, after which it will be replaced at no charge (T&C’s apply).

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