Is a Maloo a ClubSport?

Priced from $58,990 (manual) and $60,990 (automatic) drive-away, Maloo is equipped similarly to ClubSport, but adds Performance seats with four-way electric adjustment on the driver’s side and a soft tonneau cover.

How much is a HSV Maloo R8?

At $68,290 the HSV Maloo R8 is the flagship ute in Holden Special Vehicle’s range.

How many VE Maloo R8 were made?

HSV invented this curiously and uniquely Australian cultural element. Yet despite the company’s commitment to this sub-sector of the market, HSV has only sold 5000 units of the Maloo since its inception, 17 years ago. In fact, number 5000 has only been built with the introduction of this new car, the E-Series Maloo R8.

What is the difference between GXP and R8 Maloo?

The ClubSport GXP uses the same specifications as the US-spec Pontiac GXP, the top-of-the-range model available, while Maloo GXP sees different rear bushes, damping and spring rates up back, as compared to Maloo R8 (as no GXP utes were sold under the Pontiac brand).

What is a GXP ClubSport?

The ClubSport GXP gets a unique rear bumper on the sedan with a blacked-out diffuser into which the quad exhausts are set. The ute follows a less is more treatment with the rear end and looks similar to an SS ute. Instead of the Maloo hardcover tonneau, the GXP ute opts for a soft-cover. Drivetrain.

Whats the difference between an R8 and a GXP?

Indeed, you wouldn’t know the difference between the regular Clubsport R8 and the GXP edition because it comes with the same genuine HSV cloth sports bucket seats (with Clubsport logos), the cluster of gauges, premium sound system and dual zone air-conditioning.

How much horsepower does a stock Maloo have?


Model Engine Power
Maloo 4987 cc V8 185 kW (252 PS; 248 hp) @ 4800 rpm
Senator 185i 4987 cc V8 185 kW (252 PS; 248 hp) @ 4800 rpm
Senator 215i 5737 cc V8 215 kW (292 PS; 288 hp) @ 4800 rpm
Manta 4987 cc V8 185 kW (252 PS; 248 hp) @ 4800 rpm
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