Usually, those who are not able to write the thesis on their own find some help or just use essay writing service. Those people who have been working in the writing industry know that sometimes the texts you write are not the easiest thing to do. However, the younger generation thinks that this industry is much easier than most of the others. That is all the way until they get a difficult text that is really hard to write. One of such things is a simple essay. Sure, they seem to be quite simple at first. However, as you move to the more difficult texts you realize that sometimes that is hard to even be able to choose the format of the essay. There are not that many formats. Moreover, some of them do not fit the other ones. The, in general, is a genre that is quite different for various people. For example, some are better at writing descriptive essays. The others master their comparison essays. Yet, all of them still need to learn many various formats for their essays. But most of the professionals still wonder if there is a single format that would work out for any type of essay. One of such formats is going to be described in this article. Here is a simple explanation of its structure.

  1. Introduction

The first thing that you will need to learn how to write is the intro to your essay. That is a really important part of it. Sure, some of the new authors still feel like the intro is not that important as it is smaller than all of the other parts. Yet, in reality, that is extremely important to have this part on the highest level. The reasoning behind that is simple – you need to have a perfect thesis statement. You have heard of this before. The thesis statement is something that you will have to master if you want to get a high enough grade. Therefore, you will need to put in tons of effort into this part. The reason for that is the fact that the thesis is going to decide what you will be writing further in the text. For example, in the body of your essay, you will need to give some actual evidence why your thesis statement is right and give the best description of why you think so.

  1. Middle part

The following part that you will need to be able to write is the body of the essay. Sure, that seems like a huge amount of work. Yet, in reality, you will end up with tons of information that you will just need to put in the right order. For example, if you are one of those who loves the numbers, make sure that you put them in the right places so they do not look cut out of the context. Generally, you will want to add to what you stated in the thesis. That is easier than it seems. However, for that, you will have to know the topic of the essay perfectly. Therefore, the best advice that you can get is to read tons of info on the essay topic. This way you will know enough to be able to get the reader interested. Also, you can always use those numbers and facts later in the text.

  1. Conclusion

The last thing that you will have to worry about is the conclusion. It seems that the conclusion is much easier than the intro at first. Sure, there is lesser work to do. You only need to provide some of your own thoughts on the topic. However, as you move on you will realize that in the conclusion you will need to do much more work than in the body of the text. You will have to analyze everything that you have in the text. One of the best ways to do so is to divide the text into many smaller pieces. That way you will be able to analyze everything better. However, make sure that you still give the reader some of your own opinions. Pretty much the conclusion needs to be the answer to the thesis statement.

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