How to write a macro in wow?

Creating a Macro You can select any icon from the icons present in the game. After selecting a name and an icon, you can drag the macro from the Macro Screen to your action bars to use it when you hit a keybind, like a normal spell. The next step is to write your macro!

Do mouseover macros work with Elvui?

I use mouseover macros and help/harm mouseover macros while healing with Elvui. Here is a basic mouseover macro that works hovering your mouse over the player raid/party frame or the actual player. Here is a help/harm macro. If you have an enemy target, it will cast smite.

What is a mouseover macro Wow?

What is a macro for Wow? Mouseover target macros for Wow are very powerful ways to cast spells at targets that your mouse is currently hovering over. They are great for more sedentary class roles like healers that cast lots of spells at different targets.

How do I use a mouseover target macro?

The basic syntax of a Mouseover target macro is this: /cast [@mouseover] Spell Name. That macro will cast Spell Name at your mouse over target. Pretty simple right? Right. However, you can add some really cool and complicated strings of spells with different conditionals to reduce the keybinds you have. Take a look at the next example:

How do I make a mouseover macro in word?

To make a basic mouseover macro, go in your character-specific macros window and click “New.” You’ll be prompted to choose a name and an icon for your macro. I usually assign a two-letter code for the spell. For example, I use LB for Lifebloom and RJ for Rejuvenation.

Do mouseover macros work on avatars?

Mouseover macros work not only on unit frames but on the avatars themselves. You can use mouseover macros for what Matticus calls “heads-up healing,” but beware that you could also switch targets unintentionally. This is why mouseovers are dangerous for dps–they were more so in the age of crowd control.

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