How much protein is in a double Jack?

Double Jack (1 serving) contains 34g total carbs, 32g net carbs, 58g fat, 46g protein, and 830 calories.

Is jacked nutrition authentic?

We at Jacked Nutrition provides authentic quality products all over Pakistan and offer 200% money back guarantee if our product is proved not to be genuine.

How many calories are in a Jack in the Box Breakfast?

Jack In The Box Sausage Breakfast Jack (1 each) contains 29.3g total carbs, 28.3g net carbs, 32.6g fat, 19g protein, and 490 calories.

How many carbs are in a buttery Jack?

Classic Buttery Jack (1 serving) contains 50g total carbs, 46g net carbs, 52g fat, 37g protein, and 820 calories.

What is the price of whey protein in Pakistan?

Use Daraz Vouchers to Get the Best Whey Protein Powder Price in Pakistan

Whey Protein 80 Р500 g (1.1 lbs) РVanilla Cr̬me 2,699
All-In-One Protein In The Work – 1 kg (2.2 lbs) – Chocolate Silk 4,199

Are Jack in the Box tacos healthy?

Jack In The Box said their tacos are healthier than most believe. They have 172 calories each and are made with white corn tortillas and their signature beef filling.

How many calories in a small fry from Jack in the Box?

There are 330 calories in Small French Fries from Jack in the Box.

How many calories in a medium fries from Jack in the Box?

Carbs in Jack In The Box French fries Jack In The Box French fries (1 medium – order) contains 58g total carbs, 52.1g net carbs, 20.3g fat, 5g protein, and 426 calories.

Is Jack Daniels Keto friendly?

Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey is carb-free but should be consumed in moderation on keto because it is alcoholic.

Which protein brand is best in Pakistan?

Best Protein Powders in Pakistan

  • Optimum nutrition whey Gold Standard.
  • Muscle tech nitro tech whey protein.
  • My protein: Impact whey.
  • Dymatize ISO 100 whey.
  • BPI whey.

Are egg rolls from Jack in the Box healthy?

The crispy egg rolls sold at Jack in the Box contain diced pork, celery, cabbage, spices, carrots, and onions. Based on the list of ingredients, some might even argue they’re healthy. However, egg rolls are not unhealthy per se. It’s all about balance, moderation, and portion control.

How many calories in a Jumbo Jack from Jack in the Box?

520 calories
There are 520 calories in 1 burger (223 g) of Jack in the Box Jumbo Jack.

Does Jack Daniels have sugar?

Jack Daniel’s Black Label Tennessee Whiskey has no carbohydrates (sugar or starch), gluten, fats, or cholesterol, as these are removed in the distilling process. One fluid ounce of Jack Daniel’s contains approximately 65 calories.

Is Jack Daniels whiskey fattening?

It has 65 calories per ounce to drink Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. Livestrong states that this drink contains approximately 200 calories per serving when mixed with Coke.

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