How much is the entrance fee in Wetland Park Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong Wetland Park covers an area of 61 hectares, which is wetland reserve, and boasts a 10,000-square-meter visitor center, the Wetland Interactive World….You are here.

Admission Fee – Single Entry Fare (HK$)
Adult $30
Children (3 – 18) or Senior (65 or above) $15
Children under 3 years Free

What can we do at HK Wetland Park?

The Wetland Discovery Centre located in the Wetland Reserve allows visitors to encounter a vast diversity of wetland creatures. Other facilities including Stream Walk, Succession Walk, Mangrove Boardwalk and three Bird Hides lead visitors to venture in different habitats.

How do you get to Wetland Park from Hong Kong?

To reach Hong Kong Wetland Park, take the MTR West Rail to Tin Shui Wai and board light-rail line 705, alighting at the Wetland Park stop. It can also be reached directly from Hong Kong Island: jump on a 967 bus at Admiralty MTR bus station.

How much wetlands does Hong Kong have?

There are around 6,640 ha of inland wetlands in Hong Kong, mainly found in the northwestern New Territories.

What are wetland parks?

Wetland park is one of the city’s major ecological infrastructures, undertaking the dual functions of improving the ecological environment and providing recreational places. Studying the reasonable construction methods of the wetland park is very important for its sustainable development.

How do you get wet land?

How do you drain a wet play area?

  1. Install area drains or a French drain.
  2. Install a vegetated swale.
  3. Plant wet areas with native wetland or bog plants.
  4. Create meandering paths with materials that rise above the wet, muddy areas.
  5. MYTH: Water hungry plants such as willow dry out wet areas.

Why have wetlands been regarded as wastelands?

In the not too distant past, wetlands were regarded as wastelands. Most people felt that they were places to be avoided, and it was common practice to drain them, fill them or treat them as dumping grounds.

Do wetlands ever dry up?

Water levels vary seasonally (usually becoming drier in the late summer and fall, and having more water in the spring or after heavy rainfalls), even those that get their hydrology from groundwater. When we have extended dry cycles or drought, even open-water wetlands can go completely dry.

Can you plant in wetlands?

You can add emergent plants to any wetland. Plant emergents in damp areas that pond for most of the year. Like shrubs they are usually found in clumps and can be planted as close as 1 to 2 feet apart.

Are wetlands freshwater or saltwater?

Types. The water in wetlands is either freshwater, brackish, or saltwater. There are four main kinds of wetlands – marsh, swamp, bog and fen (bogs and fens being types of mires). Some experts also recognize wet meadows and aquatic ecosystems as additional wetland types.

Do wetlands have trees?

Depending on its type, a wetland may be filled mostly with trees, grasses, shrubs, or moss. Some wetlands contain no vegetation, but only organic soil/muck. Wetlands occupy an important transition zone between land and water, and are considered among the most biologically diverse and productive ecosystems in the world.

Do wetlands smell?

One of the most recognizable features of wetlands across the country is their smell. But what is it that makes these areas so pungent? To find out, you’d have to stick your nose all the way down to the mud, and even then, you wouldn’t be able to see the microscopic organisms that are responsible.

What foods grow in wetlands?

The Best Options for Edible Marshy Plants

  • Cranberries (Vaccinium macrocarpon) Say hello to one of the most popular edible bog plants.
  • Water Chestnuts (Eleocharis dulcis)
  • Wild Rice (Zizania aquatica)
  • Flowering Rush (Butomus umbellatus)
  • Watercress (Nasturtium officinale)

What is the history of the Wetland Park in Hong Kong?

The site of the park was initially intended for an ecological mitigation area to make up the lost wetlands during the urbanization process of Tin Shui Wai. In 1998, the Agriculture and Fisheries Department and Hong Kong Tourists Association did a research on whether a wetland tourist attraction can be built in Tin Shui Wai.

How do I get to Hong Kong wetland park by MTR?

By metro: You can take the MTR West Rail Tin Shui Wai Station, and change to 706 or 705 Light rail, then align to the Tin Sau Station or the Hong Kong Wetland Park MTR. From there, it’s just an easy 5 minute walk by following the easy to understand steps.

When is the best time to visit the Hong Kong wetland park?

The Hong Kong Wetland Park is a year-long attraction and is open during all 12 months of the year, so there is no wrong time to visit the park as there are always wildlife animals available for visitors to watch.

What is International Wetland Park and visitor centre feasibility study?

In 1998, a project named International Wetland Park and Visitor Centre Feasibility Study was initiated by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department and the Hong Kong Tourism Board with a view to expanding the ecological mitigation area to a wetland ecotourism attraction.

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