How much are cross country skis worth?

How Much Money Are We Talking? Top-end gear in any cross-country discipline will cost you between $700 to $1,000, but you can get a package of boots, bindings, and waxless touring skis for $350.

How do I know what size XC skis to buy?

What size cross-country skis to choose? To calculate the length of your classic cross-country skis you should add 15 to 20cm to your height. Your weight and skiing ability should also be taken into account. To start with you should consult the manufacturer’s recommendations.

What do you do with old cross country skis?

What to Do With Your Old Skis

  1. Check with your local ski shop or resort to see if any local organizations are accepting gear donations.
  2. Informal, garage sale-style gear swaps are a great way to shed your past season skis, while giving someone else the opportunity to breathe new life into them.

Do cross country skis wear out?

How old or fatigued are the skis? Even good skis wear out. Holding your skis together bottom to bottom, give your skis a squeeze. If it’s easy to press them together, you don’t have much camber left.

How do I get cheap ski equipment?

One of the best ways to find good deals on your ski gear is to purchase it once the main skiing season has finished. You will usually find the best deals in March when ski gear companies are trying to offload their old stock ready for the new stock that will come in the next season.

Are old skis worth money?

The older and longer the skis, the more valuable they are. Signatures, race logos and manufacturers’ names add value. A wood ski is usually preferable to people buying for decorating reasons.

Should I wax my cross country skis?

At the beginning of each season you should do a wax job. It’s best to do this just before the snow season so the wax is fresh when you start skiing. If you do them too far in advance the wax gets “old”. Your bases may start to turn greyish which shows the wax is not fresh.

Is it cheaper to buy skis in the summer?

Skis can be found for even less during the off season. During the late summer and early fall, retailers are continuing to make room for the new gear, and you can often find great deals those months. Labor Day is especially a good time to look for deals on skis as many retailers hold sales on the holiday.

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