How far north are alligators in Oklahoma?

Alligators are native to Oklahoma with records showing they were in the southeast corner of the state as far back as the 1800s. Alligators can be found in the Red and Little River systems in southeast Oklahoma, which is the northwestern edge of the their home range.

What counties in Oklahoma have alligators?

In Oklahoma, alligators are only found in the southeast of the state, including in the Red and Little River systems that run through Choctaw, Bryan, McCurtain, and Love counties, according to the DWC.

Can alligators survive in Oklahoma?

In Okla- homa, the American Alligator is native to the Gulf Coastal Plain of southeastern Okla- homa, occurring in the Red and Little River systems of Choctaw, Bryan, McCurtain, and Love counties (Sievert and Sievert 2005).

Are alligators common in Oklahoma?

You won’t find alligators in very many places in Oklahoma. A few have been spotted in our lakes but it’s rare to find an area that is filled with them. The American Alligator can be found in Red Slough Management Area and from March through October it’s prime season for alligator activity.

Are there alligators in lakes in Oklahoma?

Eufaula Lake in Oklahoma lies in parts of McIntosh County, Pittsburg, Haskell, and Okmulgee Counties. Alligators live in a tiny area in Oklahoma, and Eufaula Lake is a good distance north of that area.

Are there alligators in Grand Lake Oklahoma?

Green explained an alligator is a threatened species in Oklahoma and it’s against the law to kill one. The alligator could have survived in Grand Lake or Lake Hudson until winter, he said. The animal last escaped May 8 from Safari Joe’s Zoological Park near Adair.

Where can I see alligators in Oklahoma?

American alligators are found in Oklahoma but generally not beyond the far southeastern parts of the state, in the Red Slough Wildlife Management Area and the Little River National Wildlife Refuge, according to the Department of Wildlife’s website. Both are more than 230 miles south of Claremore.

Does Grand Lake in Oklahoma have alligators?

The recent story about the alligator in Grand Lake was indeed fake news. Our friends at the ODWC shared this information (below) and we thought we would pass it along. It can be helpful to you as you surf social media.

Are alligators in Oklahoma lakes?

Yes, Oklahoma has alligators. Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) says this 10-footer was found at Claremore Lake in May. It was a danger to the public and had to be put down.

Are there alligators in Oklahoma rivers?

Gators in the river! The Oklahoma River! It’s been almost 34 years since the last reported sighting of an alligator in the North Canadian River.

Who protects alligators in Brunswick County?

Photo courtesy of Alligator Alliance. John and Lisa McNeill founded the Alligator Alliance ( to protect alligators in Brunswick County. Their primary tool is to educate the public.

Why are alligators important to North Carolina?

The McNeills remind us that as an indigenous species to North Carolina, alligators play an important role in our ecosystem. “Alligators are naturally afraid of humans and will avoid contact,” they explain. “The ones that are not afraid are the ones that have been illegally fed.

Is it illegal to kill an alligator in Florida?

Even though their numbers have increased, alligators are classified as a threatened species. It is illegal to harass or kill them. In fact, the penalty for killing an alligator is a hefty one: a $500 fine and/or 2 to 24 months in jail, plus a replacement cost of $4,313. Seeing an alligator does not always mean it needs to be removed.

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