How do you use TempTale 4?

Press and hold the green START button (1) 1 – 3 seconds until the “Sun” icon appears in the upper left corner of the display (2). The TempTale 4 USB will now begin to record data after the pre-programmed start-up delay period has passed.

How does a TempTale work?

The TempTale monitor product design uses a self-calibrating circuit. This means that every time a monitor is started, the microprocessor determines the circuit resistance by using a high-precision resistor in place of the thermistor.

How do you start a TempTale?

Press and hold the Start button (1 – 3 seconds) until the Sunshine icon appears on the LCD screen (1). The LED (2) will blink GREEN to indicate that the monitor has been started. The monitor will begin to record temperature data after the programmed start-up delay period has passed.

How do you read TempTale data?

Understanding the Recorded Data on a TT4 Display To view the temperature history on a TT4, press the “Stop” button (press and hold for at least three full seconds), and then press the “Start” button. The recorded data appears in a series of five windows as illustrated.

How do I use Sensitech tag alert?

To activate the TagAlert®, push the START/STOP button on the front of the indicator and hold for ½ – 2½ seconds. The liquid crystal display (LCD) will respond by displaying (Figure 1) and flashing the icon. Once the is displayed, the TagAlert enters the start-up delay mode.

Is TempTale 4 USB Reusable?

It differs from the original USB model in that you can re-configurate it and re-use it up to 2000 times per year. Sold with Desktop Manager Software which allows you to configure the TempTale 4 to your specifications. Set the acceptable temperature range for example +2° to +8° C.

How much does a TempTale cost?

Sensitech TempTale 4 Temperature Monitor is included within packages of Tape Attached Hardware with 3M™ Structural Bonding Tape. $165.26. $118.99.

What is the use of TempTale Ultra?

The TempTale® Ultra Probe monitor is an ideal solution for monitoring in-transit and ambient storage temperatures for Life Sciences products between -30°C to +70°C to maintain stability.

What is TempTale device?

Introducing the TempTale® Ultra datalogger—a sleekly designed, USB temperature monitor that supports up to six temperature alarms, and is fully validated for the mission-critical Industrial market.

What is VAX alert sensitech?

The VaxAlert™ is designed to meet the stringent World Health Organization (WHO) Performance Quality and Safety (PQS) requirements for international vaccine shipment monitoring and is WHO pre-qualified per performance specification WHO/PQS/E06/TR07. 1 (Electronic Shipping Indicator).

What is a TempTale 4 sensitech?

Datasheet: Life Sciences. TempTale 4. Customizable alarm settings to meet in-transit and storage applications. Integrates pre-programmed time/temperature limits to trigger time-out-of-range events.

What is a temp tale?

Introducing the TempTale® Ultra Probeless Dry Ice monitor—a compact USB temperature datalogger that can be placed directly into dry ice environments as low as -95°C. This new datalogger can be programmed with up to six temperature alarms, including trip duration.

What is a TempTale 4?

Code: T4500-01. This precision temperature and humidity monitor lets you track and collect data about your temperature sensitive shipments.

What is the use of Sensitech?

Sensitech precision temperature and humidity monitors are highly reliable, electronic dataloggers that enable you to make immediate accept or reject decisions, and gain greater visibility into every critical step of your cold chain.

Why do vaccines need to be kept cold?

Dr. Cooke: The reason the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines need to be kept so cold is because of the mRNA used in these vaccines. Leveraging mRNA technology has been pivotal in developing a safe, effective vaccine so quickly, but mRNA itself is incredibly fragile — it gets broken down very rapidly and easily.

How long are vaccines good for once opened?

Before mixing, the vaccine may be stored in the refrigerator between 2°C and 8°C (36°F and 46°F) for up to 1 month (31 days). After 31 days, contact the manufacturer for guidance. If directed to discard any remaining vials, follow the manufacturer’s and your jurisdiction’s guidance for proper disposal.

How long can vaccine be out of fridge?

Once at room temperature, Moderna vaccine must be used within 24 hours and cannot go back into the freezer. It can be placed back in the refrigerator as long as the cumulative time does not exceed 24 hours at temperatures between 8⁰C and 25⁰C. Once punctured, it must be used within 12 hours.

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