How do you use Captivate buttons?

Open the slide to which you want to add a button. On the main menu, click Shapes > choose any Smart Shape. Choose the button and modify the button properties in the Property Inspector panel. Select the Use as Button check-box and define the action when the button is clicked.

How do I use state view in Captivate?

Add states to an object

  1. Open a blank project.
  2. From the Slides menu, add a Content Slide to your project.
  3. To add objects, click assets and add a Character to your slide. You can select between CloseUp, Half, and Full character.
  4. Enter a name for the state.
  5. Click State View for the different states.

How do I make text a button in Captivate?

How to Add a Text Button in Adobe Captivate

  1. To add the button, go to the Tool Bar , click Interactions and choose Button .
  2. A button will be added in the center of the slide.
  3. Click the Actions tab in the Properties Inspector , then go to the On Success menu to choose the desired action.

What does TOC mean in Captivate?

Create a table of contents (TOC) with Adobe Captivate.

What does on focus lost mean in Captivate?

1 Correct answer Technically it’s an event that can be used to trigger an Action when the cursor has been located inside the TEB field and then the user clicks anywhere OUTSIDE that field. It doesn’t fire just because you move your mouse outside the field. You have to CLICK somewhere outside the field.

How do you modify a TOC in Captivate?

To modify the settings of a TOC:

  1. Click Settings in the TOC editor. Settings button.
  2. On the TOC Settings dialog, the settings are labeled as follows: TOC Settings dialog. Label. Description.
  3. To save the changes, click OK. The changes are reflected in the TOC once you preview or publish the project.

What is TOC in Captivate?

It’s easy to add a Table of Contents (TOC) to a Captivate project. Simply choose Project > Table of Contents to open the Skin Editor. Click Show TOC (put a check in the box) and the TOC appears on the preview (its contents are totally editable… a check mark next to the slide means the slide will appear on the TOC).

What is TOC in Adobe Captivate?

Create a table of contents (TOC) with Adobe Captivate. Adobe.

How do you create a table of contents in Captivate?

Create a table of contents (TOC)

  1. In an already open project, select Project > Table Of Contents. Table of Contents dialog.
  2. To display the Table of Contents (TOC) in your project, choose the option, Show TOC.
  3. When you preview the project, you can see the TOC appear in the project.

How do I modify TOC in Captivate?

To modify the settings of a TOC: Click Settings in the TOC editor….

  1. Collapse All: Enable/disable this option to auto expand or collapse the TOC items.
  2. Show Search: Choose this option if you want to display the search bar on the TOC.
  3. Self-Paced Learning: Choose this option to enable bookmarking in your project.
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