How do you sharpen a Hobart 1612 slicer?

Hobart 1612E, 1712E and 1712RE Slicers Plug in the machine, and turn it on by pulling the lighted switch knob. Then, press the grind button on the sharpener, which is located above the upper guide pin. Grind the slicer blade until a burr forms on the knife’s front edge.

How much does a Hobart meat slicer cost?

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This item Hobart EDGE12-1 1/2 HP Manual Slicer
Price $2,499.99
Sold By Heartland Home Goods
Color Silver
Item Dimensions 32 x 26 x 28 inches

How much does a Hobart slicer weigh?

61 lbs.; Heavy Front Meat Grip 2.76 Ibs.; Heavy Handle 2.7 lbs., Standard Meat Grip 2.34 lbs. WEIGHT: Shipping 135 lbs., Net 96 lbs.

How do I reset my Hobart slicer?

An overworked slicer could also keep you unit from starting. Reset your machine by pressing the overload reset button located underneath the unit.

How do you sharpen a meat slicer by hand?

How To Sharpen A Meat Slicer Blade by Hand

  1. Step 1: Position the stone on the meat slicer.
  2. Step 2: Lock blade and sharpening stones in place.
  3. Step 3: Begin the sharpening task.
  4. You’ll want to repeat this process a total of 3 times.
  5. Step 4: Unmounting the sharpening stone.
  6. Step 5: A clean blade.
  7. Step 6: Disinfect the blade.

Can you sharpen meat slicer blade?

Sharpening stone/whetstone: In order to sharpen your slicer blade, you’ll have to have a sharpening stone, also referred to as a whetstone. Some meat slicers already come prepared with sharpening stones. Cloth: When you’ve finished sharpening your meat slicer, you’ll want to use a soft washcloth to wipe it clean.

How much does a Hobart 1612 weigh?

The Hobart 1612 weighs 135 lbs.

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