How do you make ingots in township?

How do I get ingots?

  1. Extract ore from the Mine (unlocks at level 21), build Foundries, and smelt ore into ingots.
  2. Play at the House of Luck to win them as prizes.
  3. Open chests in the Mine and in your friends’ towns.
  4. Open golden hot-air balloons in your town and your friends’ towns.
  5. Send fully-loaded planes.

How do I turn ore into ingots in township tale?

First and foremost, at least three pieces of Ore needed to be gathered by breaking an Ore Vein. The current conversion rate is three ore for one ingot, regardless of ore type. Then, place the ore into the sphere-shaped input (left side) of the smelter and close it.

How do you smelt ores in township?

Grab the Blacksmith Mould they wish to use. Place it in the Blacksmith Mould section of the Smelter. Place the Metal into the hatch….Operation

  1. Place their Ore into the hatch on the left side of the Smelter, and then drop the Ore inside.
  2. Wait for the Ore to be melted down and extracted.
  3. Remove their converted Metal.

What is the ingots in township?

Ingots Uses Upgrade factories in the Academy of Industry to make them more efficient, obtain extra shelves, and earn more coins/xp for filling orders with goods. Upgrade trains and ships to reduce travel time by up to 50%. Sending off ships with ingots increases the chance of obtaining rarer goods and treasure chests.

What is the use of ingots for in township?

Use ingots at the Academy of Industry to upgrade your town’s factories and trains as well as island attributes, making all of them more efficient. Send ingots with ships when trading with the islands to boost your chances of receiving certain goods and treasure chests.

How do I start the smelter Township tale?

This beast is used to process ores and ingots. You shove ores in one side, close the latch, fuel its mouth with coals and the moment the smelter begins its work, it’ll start chugging fumes.

What are ingots in township?

How can I get free township cash?

There’s a number of ways to get Township Cash:

  1. Visit your town regularly and collect your daily reward.
  2. Construct buildings.
  3. Exchange gifts with your friends, as some of them may contain one unit of Township Cash.
  4. Earn achievements in your Town Hall.
  5. Assemble collections of artifacts at the Central Museum.

What is an ingot used for?

An ingot is a mass of metal that has been cast into a size and shape (such as a bar, plate, or sheet) that is convenient to store, transport, and work into a semi-finished or finished product. The term also refers to a mold in which metal is so cast.

What do you do with bronze ingots in township?

What is the fastest way to get coins in township?

Fastest Way to Earn Coins

  1. Use the generous customer booster and fill as many helicopter orders as you can to earn a lot of coins.
  2. Using the vibrant market booster with a helicopter booster and having many market boxes helps as well.

What is the best weapon in a township tale?

Almost anything can be used as a weapon when in a dire situation but sticking to swords, daggers, axes, hammers, and bows with arrows will make the player more likely to come out of the encounter successfully.

What is the best weapon in A Township Tale?

What is the last level of Township?

In addition, the number of levels increased from maximum of 38 levels to 90.

What’s the highest level in Township?

What is an elder in Township?

– Elders. These are members who can invite other players and accept or decline requests to join the co-op. Elders, just like leaders, are in charge of deciding who will be in the co-op and monitoring the chat. – Members. These are regular players, and they can request or donate products and interact in the chat.

Can you get armor in a township tale?

Armour and equipment has been removed from the game temporarily since update 0.0. 33.0, and Armour will be re-added when armour crafting is added to the game. Cosmetic equipment has now moved to the Cosmetic Store.

What are the best farming tips and tricks for Township?

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Township: Farm & City Building: Download the Township: Farm & City Building APK here. 1. Planting/Harvesting Wheat is the Cheapest Way to Earn XP; Be Sure to Spread Out Your Farming Goods Across the Fields

How do I get more ingots of ore?

You can also purchase ore from the dealer at the city market to smelt in the foundries. Unlike factories, the foundry can only make 1 ingot at a time and cannot be upgraded. However, the Efficient Smelting booster reduces smelting time by 50%.

What are the easiest activities to do in Township?

• One of Township’s easiest activities entails the planting/harvesting of various goods. As you level up, you’ll get the chance to plant new types of goods that goes into producing the resources needed to feed your farm animals.

How many ingots can a foundry make?

Unlike factories, the foundry can only make 1 ingot at a time and cannot be upgraded. However, the Efficient Smelting booster reduces smelting time by 50%. To make use of the booster, have plenty of ores to use the foundries over 2 days.

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