How do you get to Wave Break Island?

Access: By boat -South West corner & Northern beach. Wavebreak Island is part of the Gold Coast Seaway project to stabilise the beaches and sand masses around the Southport bar.

Can you swim to Wave Break Island?

Wave Break Island is only accessible by boat and is the safest and most enjoyable site in respect to currents and surface conditions. Participants can also relax at the beach, swim or sit back on our sun-protected vessel.

Are you allowed to camp on Wave Break Island?

There are no facilities on Wave Break Island that might support camping or other recreational activities. There are camping facilities managed by the City of Gold Coast on South Stradbroke Island at Currigee.

Are there sharks at Wave Break Island?

Whether you are a qualified diver or it is your first time in the water, your experienced guide guarantees a professional, safe, and fun experience. There are soft corals, sponges, nudibranchs, wobbegong sharks, PJ sharks, grey nurse sharks, and a wide variety of other marine life.

What animals live on Wave Break Island?

You may get the opportunity to see wildlife animals and marine life at Wave Break Island and in the Broadwater. Keep an eye out for friendly bottle nose dolphins, many small colourful fish, manta rays, turtles, sea eagles and much more.

What was Wave Break Island used for?

Wave Break Island was created in 1985 as part of the Gold Coast Seaway construction (see The Gold Coast Seaway information sheet). It was included in this project to protect the western foreshore of the Broadwater from waves that might penetrate the new, permanently stabilised entrance.

Is Wave Break Island man-made?

Wavebreak Island is a man-made island, constructed in 1986 as part of the Gold Coast Seaway project. The island protects the Gold Coast Broadwater shores from large waves entering the Broadwater during heavy seas and storms… hence its name.

Are there great white sharks in Gold Coast?

Great White caught in rare gold coast waters.

Why was Wave Break Island built?

Wave Break island is a man-made island created in 1985. Its name gives away its purpose as it was created to stabilise and protect the area from land erosion. The island also helps prevent the ocean swell from coming into the Broadwater and provides a safe place for boats to get protection from the winds.

How many bull sharks are in the Gold Coast canals?

What lurks beneath: Schools of bulls sharks in popular Gold Coast waterway. DIVERS, surfers, boaties and anglers beware. Schools of up to 45 bull sharks have been spotted lurking in one of the Gold Coast’s busiest waterways.

Are there crocodiles on Gold Coast?

Crocodiles reside in Far North Australia – not at the Gold Coast.

Is the Gold Coast Spit man made?

The Spit has been present as a natural form since at least the 1800’s. It gradually moved in a northerly direction as the Nerang River silted up and then burst free to the ocean again.

Are Gold Coast canals man made?

Much of the land between the coastal strip and the hinterland were once wetlands drained by this river, but the swamps have been converted into man-made waterways (over 260 kilometres (160 mi) in length or over 9 times the length of the canals of Venice, Italy) and artificial islands covered in upmarket homes.

Are there bull sharks in the canals in Gold Coast?

A rogue bull shark has been spotted stalking a Gold Coast. The one-metre beast was seen cruising between million-dollar homes in Broadbeach, Gold Coast resident Harry Blair noticed the shark’s large and small dorsal fins slowly emerge from the deep waters on the Canal Reserve.

Are there sharks in the canals on the Gold Coast?

In recent years, many Bull Sharks have been seen swimming in the canals. Fishermen can probably tell you a few stories about it. But sharks are not the only creatures you can find — the Goldie’s canals also provide monsters stingrays and jellyfish.

Can you swim in Mermaid Waters?

This is a fresh water lake which is perfect for a swim and a different experience from the many delightful Gold Coast beaches on offer.

Are there sharks in Australian lakes?

I thought it was only in cartoons that a place would have a shark-infested lake in a random place like a golf course, but apparently it is reality in Australia. After a flood several years ago, a handful of bull sharks found themselves stranded in a lake on a golf course.

Are there many spiders in Gold Coast?

There are well over 50 different species of spiders that are commonly found on the Gold Coast – many of them venomous to some degree.

Why is it called The Spit?

Spit Junction and The Spit – named after the tip of the peninsula jutting into Middle Harbour. It was known to the Aborigines as Parriwi, a name which is recalled in Parriwi Road and Parriwi Park. Very little development took place until 1902 when the area was subdivided.

Are there sharks in Gold Coast canals?

Since 2002 there have been two fatal shark attacks in canals and lakes and local newspapers regularly run stories about the waterways are teeming with aggressive bull sharks. If you want to swim, go to the beach, don’t jump in a lake, and never paddle in the canals, especially at dawn or dusk when sharks are hunting.

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