How do I replace the harddrive in my YouView box?

Remove the four screws holding the hard drive in. There is enough space below the lower RF shield/heat plate so that you don’t need to remove it to unscrew those four screws enough to remove the hard drive. Now simply remove the hard drive, and plug in your replacement.

Do TalkTalk boxes work without subscription?

Can You Get The YouView Box Without A Subscription? You can buy a YouView box on its own without any accompanying subscriptions from BT, TalkTalk, and Plusnet. It would mean very limited services though. However, you can use it with your regular aerial set up.

Can I use 2 TalkTalk YouView boxes?

How many boxes can I have? You can have as many YouView boxes as you want at home. You can use them to watch Freeview channels and watch On Demand.

Can you change hard drive on BT YouView box?

Yes you could upgrade the drive from 500GB to 1TB but I wouldn’t think there was any chance of transferring your recordings.

Can I transfer recordings from my YouView box?

It is definitely not possible to transfer recordings between boxes. Whilst it is possible by using a Linux system to physically do the transfer there’s no way to update the receiving HDD’s index and the new box will either not see them or delete them.

Can I use my YouView box after leaving TalkTalk?

Your YouView box will still work in terms of freeview/catch up channels. All you will lose is any TalkTalk channels that you might be receiving now as part of your contract with them. If you move to a non-BT or TalkTalk ISP, you will lose their branding as well.

Is Netflix free on TalkTalk?

TalkTalk has this week announced the launch of a new fibre package, allowing customers to access streaming service Netflix at no extra cost.

Can you record on TalkTalk TV box?

Manage recording space Your TalkTalk TV Plus box can record up to 185 hours of Standard Definition or 60 hours of High Definition TV programmes and films from the Guide. If you have lots of recordings, it’s easy to check the remaining space.

How long does a TalkTalk YouView box last?

Winner: The latest BT YouView box allows up to 600 hours of recording. There are three YouView TV boxes currently available from the two providers: BT TV’s 1TB recordable box. BT TV’s mini box.

Can you transfer recordings from one YouView box to another?

How do I access my recordings on BT TV box?

To see all your recordings, select MyTV in the main menu. Highlight the recording you’d like to delete and press the DEL (Delete) button on your remote control. If the recording is locked, you’ll need to confirm you are happy to delete it. Locked recordings will have a padlock icon displayed next to them.

Are YouView boxes still being made?

There are currently TWO YouView boxes’ manufacturers – Humax and Huawei. There are boxes that come with BT and TalkTalk branding (even if you buy them from a retailer such as Amazon), but despite the branding, these boxes are also manufactured by Humax (BT) and Huawei (TalkTalk).

How Much Is Netflix a month with TalkTalk?

TalkTalk has this week announced the launch of a new fibre package, allowing customers to access streaming service Netflix at no extra cost. The deal covers TalkTalk’s 35Mbps and 65Mbps plans and costing £29.95 and £31.95 per month, respectively, for 18-month contracts.

Where are my recordings on YouView?

Managing your programmes is really easy. Just press at any time and select MyView to access all your recordings. If your hard disk becomes full and there isn’t enough space to record a new programme, YouView will automatically delete a recording, starting with the oldest watched recorded programme.

How do I soft reset my YouView box?

Press and hold the reset button on the right-hand side of the box. Plug the power cable back in whilst still holding the reset button – continue to hold the reset button down, do not release it yet. Within three seconds press and hold the power button on the front of the box and hold both buttons.

What has happened to YouView?

The YouView platform, which develops hardware and software to support the broadband-based TV (IPTV) services supplied via UK ISPs BT and TalkTalk (as well as retail set-top-boxes), has announced that they’re “refocusing development away from ‘direct to consumer’ products.” Say goodbye to their mobile app!

Why won’t my BT box play my recordings?

Check your equipment cabling is connected securely. Make sure you don’t switch off your BT TV box or BT Hub when you have a scheduled recording. Check any series recordings have been set up correctly, by going to the ‘Scheduled’ section of ‘My TV’

Can you record on a BT YouView box without subscription?

However, in a surprise twist, the TV platform developer has today confirmed that BT will be “opening up” the remote record functionality within their own app for all YouView users to use (no subscription required).

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