How do I get past the guards in Witcher 2?

Once you are past that guard, follow him and stun him with a quick blow to the head so that he won’t interrupt you. Then press against the wall and start deeper into the area the guards are patrolling. Look around the corner and you’ll likely see a guard relieving himself.

Where is the Loredos room key?

The second floor is reserved for Loredo’s bodyguards. They key to Loredo’s room is found in a chest on the other side of the room. If you’re very careful you may be able to reach it without having to deal with the guards.

How do you stun merchant in Witcher 2?

You can either try to slip by or just stun him – the second option is by far the safer one. Jump down (you will go into stealth mode), wait for the merchant to be in front of you and knock him down.

What time is the evening in Witcher 2?

After 17:00, all pens are put down….Times of day.

Name Time
Sunset 7 PM / 19:00

What time should I meet Hattori?

Geralt can head to the docks as early as 8 pm to join Hattori at the vaguely allotted meet-up time of “around dusk.” Finding and approaching Hattori at the docks around the dusk hour will trigger the next cutscene where Hattori leads Geralt to the meetup.

What can you do with ostmurk?

You can harvest ostmurk, but now you need to turn it into a potion. In case you’ve forgotten, you can meditate to access alchemy and then from there you can select the type of potion that you wish to create (in this case, the Mongoose potion) from a list and finally produce it.

Where is the Madame Witcher 2?

If you’re curious just the same, you can pay him and he will then tell you to see the Madame, who lives in the whorehouse. Head up to the town square and enter the whorehouse. Look for Madame Margot in her side room. She’ll demand a fee to tell you what happened.

Should you negotiate for Hattori?

If you want Hattori’s master level skills, you’ll need to agree to help him negotiate with the King of Beggars’ men to get supplies and he’ll ask you to meet him at the docks around dusk.

What is ostmurk?

Ostmurk is a mold that only grows in the darkest areas. This quest is a side quest to the Kayran. Geralt is advised by Triss to gather ostmurk, which is a key ingredient to the Mongoose Potion. Drinking this potion grants +20000% Poison Resistance for 10 minutes, which renders Geralt immune to any and all poison.

How do I get into Loredo’s house?

If you killed everyone, you can use the door to get inside the residence. If you managed to sneak by, use the window opposite to the storage house. Inside you will find one guard – wait for him to turn around and stun him. Go down into the basement to find Loredo’s mother, Marietta. Ask her for the key and she will start looking for it.

How to support Roche in the Witcher 2 walktrough?

The Witcher 2 guide, walktrough If you chose to support Roche, you will have to wait until night-time (at least 8PM) to be able to climb up the ladder at the back of the residence ( M7, 32 ). On the other side you will see a merchant chasing a prostitute. You can either try to slip by or just stun him – the second option is by far the safer one.

Where can I find Loredo’s room key?

Return to the sleeping guards – you have to get to the second room, inside of which you will find Loredo’s room key. To avoid waking them up, don’t go beside the table with bottles and instead go round the beds on the right and through the middle afterwards.

Is it worth it to search Loredo?

It’s worth to search Loredo, as you will find royal box key connected with Mystic River. You can open the chest on the first floor if you didn’t put the report into Louis Merse’s box. Untie Ves ( right mouse button) and go into the next room.

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