How do I create a PerformancePoint dashboard?

To create a data source for Dashboard Designer

  1. Open PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer, and in the Workspace Browser, select Data Connections.
  2. Click the Create tab, and then click Data Source.
  3. In the Select a Data Source Template dialog box, select Analysis Services, and then click OK.

Can you put a tableau dashboard on SharePoint?

You can embed the Tableau web part in a new or existing SharePoint page. Open the page where you want to embed a view and switch to edit mode. In the section of the page where you want to embed the view, on the Insert tab, click Web Part.

What is Dashboard Designer in SharePoint?

A dashboard designer tool helps you to build a dashboard that can contain a consistent, single and visible view of your business. If you run a SharePoint site, you can use this tool to provide (BI) business intelligence to all the people in your organization and also help them to make informed business plan decisions.

How do I link Excel to SharePoint tableau?

In order to connect to a file hosted on SharePoint, you will need to verify the following:

  1. Store the file on the SharePoint local file system.
  2. On Windows, use the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path, or network path, to connect to the data source.
  3. On a Mac, you will need to use OneDrive to sync the files.

What are SharePoint performance points?

PerformancePoint Services is a SharePoint service application. It enables users to create business intelligence (BI) dashboards that provide insight into an organization’s performance.

How do I access PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer?

Initially, you can only access PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer—the tool you’ll use to create PerformancePoint content—from this page. Once Dashboard Designer is installed on your computer, you’ll be able to open it from your Start menu or from the PerformancePoint Content page in the BI Center site.

What is the Business Intelligence Center home page?

The Business Intelligence home page has two main panels: information resources in the center panel, and links to pre-built libraries in the Quick Launch panel on the left side of the screen. The center panel of the Business Intelligence Center home page gives you a quick overview of its special features.

Which of the following is included in SharePoint Server 2010?

Many of the features and services that are included with SharePoint Server 2010 are implemented as service applications, including BCS, SharePoint Search Service, Manage Metadata Service, Excel Services, and PerformancePoint Services in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.

Where can I find additional information about Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI)?

The BI Center site has lots of links to additional information. For example, if you don’t know anything about PowerPivot, one of the BI tools available from Microsoft, you can choose the PowerPivot hyperlink to view Help content and other information about that.

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