How do I contact the CBP?

If you are unable to find the information you need, the CBP Information Center is open Monday-Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern time. You can submit your question, compliment, complaint, or tip online or by calling 1-877-CBP-5511 (877-227-5511).

Does Houston have a Border Patrol station?

You have been selected to participate in a brief survey about your experience today with….Locate a Port of Entry in Texas.

Port Name Location Address Field Operation Office
Houston Airport, Texas – 5309 2350 N. Sam Houston Pkwy E. #900 Houston, TX 77032-3100 Houston

Where are U.S. customs packages?

Inbound international mail originates in foreign countries for delivery in the U.S. and typically arrives at one of the five Postal Service International Service Centers (ISC) located in Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA; Miami, FL; New York, NY, and San Francisco, CA.

How long does it take packages to clear customs?

Typically, customs clearance takes less than 24 hours, however, there are times where it can take several days or weeks for goods to be inspected. When is customs clearance needed? Customs clearance is necessary for all packages entering the U.S. from other countries.

How does customs work in Houston?

Program members present their machine-readable passport or U.S. permanent resident card, place their fingerprints on the scanner for fingerprint verification and complete a customs declaration. The kiosk issues the traveler a transaction receipt and directs the traveler to baggage claim and the exit.

How long does it take to clear customs in Houston?

At the first choke point (passport control) it seems to take about 20-30 minutes, maybe a bit longer if several big flights are offloading at the same time. They have plenty of stations and seem to staff these to keep the lines from getting too long.

Is there a checkpoint in Houston?

No, there aren’t. By law Border Patrol checkpoints must be within a 100 mile “border zone” of the border itself. Silly question time but why do people even worry about the border checkpoints?

Can Border Patrol enter your home?

Agents may enter onto private land without a warrant within 25 miles of the border. However, Border Patrol agents cannot enter a home or dwelling on private land anywhere without a warrant or consent. Border Patrol should not cause physical damage to private property.

How long will my package be stuck at customs?

The process can take anywhere from 12-48 hours and even longer during high traffic periods. Customs releases are also not guaranteed. There are a number of reasons a shipment can be rejected: Temporary rejects: This may happen when information keyed into the entry does not match up exactly with the shipments paperwork.

HOw long does it take to clear customs in Houston?

International Travel

Terminal Processing Avg. Wait
Immigration & Customs Immigration & Customs 30 minutes
* Does not include secondary processing by CBP.
TSA Security Recheck TSA Security Recheck Less than 10 minutes

HOw long does it take to clear customs at IAH?

1. Re: HOw long to clear customs at IAH? Last time I went through customs it was mid day on Tuesday last month and it only took about 45 minutes to clear. IAH has a new customs section and if they have plenty of employees working it shouldn’t take 2 hours.

What to expect going through customs?

The customs form will walk you through it. It will ask you some yes or no questions about items like food and large amounts of money. On the back, you’ll list “items of commercial value,” which includes things like duty-free items, souvenirs or gifts you’ve brought that you plan on leaving in the United States.

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