How can I check my NABTEB result 2015?

Send an SMS in this form: NABTEB*ExamNumber*PIN*ExamType*ExamYear. Send this SMS to code 32327.

Does NABTEB result expire?

The fact is your O’level result; be it WAEC, NECO or NABTEB is valid for a lifetime and has no expiration date. The Examination conducted by these examination bodies is known as “achievement test” and therefore the certificates awarded are valid forever.

How many times can I use my NABTEB scratch card?

5 (five)
You may check your results up to a maximum 5 (five) times with the use of 1 (one) Scratch card. In order to check further after exhausting the allowed 5 (five) times you will need to purchase another Scratch card which will entitle you to another 5 (five) result checks.

Can I study abroad with my NABTEB result?

The answer is yes, NABTEB has international recognition. NABTEB can be used to gain admission to study in few universities abroad, but not all universities and colleges outside Nigeria accepts it.

How do I reprint my NABTEB photocard?

NABTEB Photocard May/June 2022- How to Reprint

  1. Enter your Candidates Number in the box on the web page.
  2. Click on Submit.
  3. Your photocard will be displayed to you.
  4. Use the CTRL + P on your desktop/PC to print it out.

How do I get my original NABTEB certificate?

In order to collect your May/June WAEC or NABTEB or June/July NECO original result, you must visit the school where you sat for the exam. The original results or certificate will be available for collection in about 3-months after the online version of these results were released.

Can I go to University with NABTEB result?

In conclusion all Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education in Nigeria accepts NABTEB O’ level result, and can be used to study any course of your interest.

How do I get my original NABTEB results?

For the NECO and NABTEB GCE candidates, to collect your original result or certificate, you must visit the branch office of the exam body situated at the state of that exam.

Is NABTEB equivalent to Waec?

NABTEB Examination pattern is similar with WAEC and NECO but do not conduct first series January-February exam for private student. NABTEB also have an A’ level exam wherein student with the A’ lev certificate can be admitted to continue from 200 level in any university that accepts nabteb a level.

How do I find my Nabteb serial number?

E-mail Address: Enter the Card Serial Number found on the reverse side of your Scratch card. The Card Serial Number has an alphabet prefix followed by digits e.g. N123456789. Enter the 12-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your Scratch card eg.

How do I get my original Nabteb results?

How can I check my NABTEB result without scratch card?

  1. Send SMS in the format below:
  2. NABTEB*ExamNo*PIN*ExamType*ExamYear To short-code 32327.
  3. For example: To check for May/June results, NABTEB*01001001*123456789012*MJ*2012.
  4. To check for Nov/Dec results, NABTEB*01001001*123456789012*ND*2012.
  5. Note: Ensure you adhere strictly to the format above.

Is NABTEB a direct entry?

NABTEB A’LEVEL, like any other Advanced Level examination, allows students to secure admission into 200 Level in the University through Direct Entry.

How do I recover my NABTEB photo card?

How To Retrieve Nabteb Photocard. Nabteb Photocard May/June 2019. Nabteb Registration….NABTEB Photocard May/June 2022- How to Reprint

  1. Enter your Candidates Number in the box on the web page.
  2. Click on Submit.
  3. Your photocard will be displayed to you.
  4. Use the CTRL + P on your desktop/PC to print it out.

Can I study medicine with NABTEB?

With your NABTEB O’ level result, you can study any course you so desire in any University in Nigeria, including courses like Pharmacy, Nursing, Engineering, Medicine and Surgery Law e.t.c.

Is NABTEB better than NECO?

The Registrar/Chief Executive Officer of the National Business and Technical Examination Board (NABTEB), Professor Ifeoma Isiugo-Abanihe, has clarified that the exams body’s certificate is never inferior to the likes of the National Examinations Council (NECO) and West African Examinations Council (WAEC).

How many digit is the Nabteb serial number?

Some people have lost theirs, some have forgotten while some have misplaced their correct NABTEB Candidate Number. This 8 Digits can be the most important thing in someone’s life at a particular moment. No shortcut to knowing this if you’ve lost it as a million guess cannot solve it.

Is NABTEB higher than Waec?

O’ level exam (WAEC, NECO or NABTEB) is in fact, one of the most important Exam you will ever sit for as a student in Nigeria. This Exam certifies you as no longer a secondary school student….WAEC Grade POINT.

C4 Credit 60% – 64%
C5 Credit 55% – 59%
C6 Credit 50% – 54%
D7 Pass 45% – 49%
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