How big is a youth XL NBA jersey?


Boys Youth S Youth XL
U.S. Size 8 18/20
Chest (in.) 33 42.5
Length (in.) 23 29
Hips (in.) 33 42.5

What size is XL in basketball jerseys?

Nike Men’s NBA Jerseys

Size XS XL
Numeric Size 36 52
Chest (in) 32.5 – 35 44 – 48.5
Waist (in) 26 – 29 38 – 43
Hip (in) 31.5 – 35 44 – 47

What jersey size is Jordan?

The size-50, Nike-label, signed, white jersey was worn by Jordan April 18, 1998. In that game, Jordan scored 44 points in a 111-109 come-from-behind victory over the Knicks. Jordan went on that season to earn his 10th NBA scoring title and fifth Most Valuable Player award that season.

What size is a XL in youth?

Youth Apparel Size Chart

Size Youth Size Chest (in)
S 6-7 25-27
M 8-10 28-30
L 12-14 31-33
XL 16-18 34-36

What size is youth XL 18 20?

Uniform Sizes

Youth XS 2/4 (chest 20-22″)
Youth Medium 10/12 (chest 26-30″)
Youth Large 14/16 (chest 30-34″)
Youth XL 18/20 (chest 36-38″)
Adult Small Chest 34-36 (*longer than youth large)

What size is a large jersey?

Sizing Charts

Jersey Size Corresponding Size Armpit to Armpit
44 Medium/Large 23-1/2″
48 X-Large 25-1/2″
52 XX-Large 27-1/2″

Is a youth XL jersey the same as a men’s small?

What’s the difference between youth extra-large and men’s small? A youth extra-large shirt is shorter and wider than an adult small.

What age does youth XL fit?

Youth alpha size is used from approx. 7/8 years age and up to around 15/16….Size by Age.

Size International Age Average
L 12-13
XL 13-16

What size is a youth XL?

What is a youth XL equivalent to?

The Youth XL is equivalent to a chest size between 36″ and 38″.

Should I go a size up in basketball jerseys?

Basketball jerseys are supposed to be a bit longer than your average shirt and should usually be purchased to fit at least one size larger than your normal clothing size. All brands size their jerseys differently, so research is key to finding a proper-fitting basketball jersey.

What size is youth XL?

What does a youth XL fit?

Uniform Sizes

Youth XS 2/4 (chest 20-22″)
Youth Small 6/8 (chest 22-26″)
Youth Medium 10/12 (chest 26-30″)
Youth Large 14/16 (chest 30-34″)
Youth XL 18/20 (chest 36-38″)
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