Has David Beckham got other children?

Harper Beckham Harper, 10, is the Beckhams’ only daughter, and the youngest of their four children.

Does Victoria Beckham have a daughter?

Harper Seven BeckhamVictoria Beckham / Daughter

When did David Beckham have his first child?

Victoria and David welcomed their first baby, a boy named Brooklyn, in March, 1999, at the Portland Hospital, London. Baby Brooklyn weighed 7lbs and was born via an emergency caesarean apparently because Brooklyn’s head wasn’t properly engaged.

How many kids does Victoria and David have?

It doesn’t take much to recognize the extent of David Beckham and wife Victoria Beckham’s love for their four kids. The British footballer and the former Spice Girls singer can’t help but constantly gush over their children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper.

How many kids do David and Victoria Beckham?

David and Victoria Beckham share four kids. They have three sons and one daughter and they are as follows: Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper. That’s like a small football team of their own.

Why did Romeo Beckham give up tennis?

Club career After his release, he admitted that he no longer wished to pursue a career in football, instead taking up tennis training with Andy Murray.

Did Victoria Beckham have 4 kids?

How long have Mia Regan and Romeo Beckham been dating?

Not only is Brooklyn engaged to his actress fiancé Nicola Peltz, but his younger brother Romeo has been dating model Mia Regan for two years. Romeo and Mia recently celebrated their second anniversary, so we thought we’d find out more about her…

Who is Victoria Beckham’s children?

Brooklyn Beckham
Harper Seven BeckhamRomeo James BeckhamCruz Beckham
Victoria Beckham/Children

When was Victoria Beckham first pregnant?

1998. The twosome had more exciting news to share in 1998: They were expecting their first child! However, Victoria’s bandmate Mel B revealed that Posh “had a really tough time” with her pregnancy during the group’s Spice World tour that year.

How Old Is Harper Beckham now?

10 years (July 10, 2011)Harper Seven Beckham / Age

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