Does the Cambridge CXA81 have phono input?

It doesn’t have Ethernet, and it lacks a phono stage and coffee machine, but otherwise it offers everything popular with today’s music- and hi-fi– loving suburban bon vivant: a built-in DAC that converts up to 32/38 and DSD256 (delivered via DoP) files and streams. It has an asynchronous USB input, the best kind.

Does Cambridge Audio CXA81 have tone controls?

Other Options: If you’re looking for an amp with a flatter, more detailed sound, then the Audiolab 6000A is another option out there around $1000. The Audiolab also has the screen, tone controls, and DAC filters the CXA81 lacks.

Are Cambridge Audio and Cambridge SoundWorks the same company?

Cambridge SoundWorks was a Massachusetts-based consumer audio manufacturer and retailer….Cambridge SoundWorks.

Type Subsidiary
Products Consumer audio
Parent Creative Technology Ltd.

How good is CXA81?

The Cambridge Audio CXA81 is a high-quality power amplifier that can pump out 80 watts of clean and crisp sound. The unit has an immense amount of current, which means it’s able to drive most speakers at their highest level without distortion.

Does the Cambridge Audio CXA81 have a phono stage?

Tone controls have been bypassed, and both the signal chain and power supply have been upgraded with class-leading Wima, Rubycon, and Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors.” There’s no phono stage, which is reasonable considering the CXA81’s size and price.

Where are audiolab made?

Shenzhen, China
As it is, like Audiolab, Mission, Quad and Wharfedale, the Castle brand will go on – and having visited the massive complex where all these brands are produced, in Shenzhen, China, I know those involved in the design and engineering are fully aware of the heritages they are dealing with.

How can Cambridge Audio’s 840C CD player cost this much?

The new Cambridge Audio 840C CD player left me shaking my head in wonderment at how Cambridge can sell this much CD player for $1499. The 840C is packed with advanced features, sophisticated technologies, and high-quality parts that one finds in digital products costing upward of $10k.

What makes the 840C so special?

In addition, the 840C resolved reverberation tails down to a very low level, which further added to the illusion of hearing instruments in a large acoustic space. Music through the 840C had an organic “rightness” and fundamental musicality that’s hard to describe.

How does the Yamaha 840C compare to the Yamaha 851C?

Reproducing acoustic instruments is a strong suit of the 840C, yet the 851C improves this aspect of digital reproduction significantly. The opening drum rolls on the Pretenders “Private Life,” from their self-titled album have more attack and more immediacy, while the bells in the background linger and decay more delicately.

Why buy a Roland 840C cymbal?

The 840C had a delicacy, refinement, and sophistication in the top octaves that must be heard to be believed. Most digital near this price—indeed, most digital at any price—tends to make cymbals sound like undifferentiated bursts of white noise, with no inner character or clue as to the mechanism by which the sound was created.

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